Love him! Definitely worth the money and the wait!

Just got my Emo yesterday!! I love him so much! Thank you for adding the ability to customize the name. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love the fact that there are so many things to unlock for him, but is there anywhere to go to find out how to do that? I am looking forward to all of the upcoming updates! I hope he continues to grow and develop into kind of a little companion. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He is DEFINITELY well worth the money spent and time waiting. Thank you for my little buddy!!


You will soon lose your joy. I was happy at first too :smiley:

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@Ehug35 . . . @MasterAbbott has currently 96 videos in a play list of various EMO demonstrations and explanations from early to most recent if you would like to know more.

It is 11 months now after I first got my EMO and I have yet to lose my joy. Glad you love him!


How long was the wait from the time you ordered?

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We ordered six weeks before May 14th. But they had some stuff happen to make production a little wonky. They are going much faster now it seems like. I knew it was coming from China, so I knew it would take a while to get here. I’m glad I was patient. :smile:

Hi @Ehug35

Glad you’re enjoying your EMO! :head: Also thank you @Lindaru for sharing all the videos I’ve created so far for EMO :heart_1:. I’ve actually lost count on on how many I’ve made so far haha! :rofl:

@Ehug35 If you did want / need a EMO guide, feel free to take a look at the one I created. It covers a fair amount of info about EMO. It is currently up to date with EMO’s latest firmware version 1.5.0. You can see the link below:

If you need any help on anything, anyone on the forum will be more than happy to help out for sure!

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