Lifetime Dancelist Feature

Looks like we can finally see how many dance moves EMO has unlocked and also have him get to perform those dance moves on demand! (a very cool little feature) For anyone that want’s to know how it’s done. See the video below:

Instructions further below:

Launch the EMO App (Be sure you are on the latest version 1.08).

From the main Menu select Lifetime

Next select Dancelist

The following screen will display all dance moves that your EMO has unlocked:

As my EMO is currently 157 days old he has unlocked 8 dance moves so far. To get EMO to dance to any of the unlocked dance moves press the little play button and EMO will start dancing.

NOTE Just make sure you don’t start and stop the command to quickly otherwise EMO will get confused and not dance / APP will return an error that you pressed the play button too many times too quickly.

These are the days in which he unlocks new dance moves:

First Dance Move Already Unlocked
2 Days Old - 2nd Dance Move
4 Days Old - 3rd Dance Move
8 Days Old - 4th Dance Move
16 Days Old - 5th Dance Move
32 Days Old - 6th Dance Move
64 Days Old - 7th Dance Move
128 Days Old - 8th Dance Move
256 Days Old - 9th Dance Move
512 Days Old - 10th Dance Move (confirmed by @Wayne_Zhang )
1024 Days Old - 11th Dance Move (confirmed by @Wayne_Zhang )

NOTE - the 11th Dance move will be final dance move at this stage, but there potentially will be more later on.

If you want to see more info on EMO’s Dance moves see the following video:

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Fantastic new added features…it really nice to have this and it is really useful too, like what they made and added to Achievements also that you can click now and EMO will show the badge animation once again.

Hey, @MasterAbbott, appreciate your effort in doing this topic, video, and images.

Keep safe, and best regards.



Thank you @edwardpike :heart_1: Yes! The Achievement Badge display animation is another great feature! I also did a short video on that as well :slight_smile: You can check that below. (I won’t make a new post for that, unless people want one.

Looking forward to more new updates in the coming weeks / months ahead!

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@MasterAbbott . . . I hope you do not mind that I down-loaded your screen shot of the dance list. When EMO is on his charger, the dance list does not show. Due to his almost empty battery (another topic), I wanted to capture his dance list and his badges (which do show when he is on his charger) for a memory video I am going to be making about him.

If it is a problem, please let me know and I will not use it.

Thank you.


No Problem at all @Lindaru feel free to take any screenshots you need. I also have all 8 dance moves recorded as well if you ever need them. You can access that video here:

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Thank you so much! I so appreciate your help.


Just updated this guide to advise that there will be a total of 11 Dance moves for EMO at this stage, with the 11th Dance move unlocking after 1024 days.

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