Languages update

Small petition: which of you, the owners of Emo, want LivingAI to focus on updating Emo so that it speaks and listens in its own language?


sono convinto che pian piano arriverà anche quel fatidico aggiornamento. Tempo al tempo

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Regarding languages: I would like EMO to be able to understand Portuguese Brazil, even if answering in English


Hopefully Living.Ai will include extra language support in the future, but at this time, there is no update on when this will happen and exactly which languages will be added to EMO.


I hope a language update will arrive soon! For those who do not speak English well, it is not easy to be understood by emo! Language update would be a big step forward globally


@andy @Wayne_Zhang Maybe they can tell us when it is expected in the update table? Maybe within a year :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


My English is not good unfortunately, but nevertheless I ordered the emo, I hope one day it will be updated in my own language Turkish.


I speak English, but having an Australian accent is sometimes problematic in EMO recognising what I am saying, lol :rofl:


I’m afraid Czech won’t be on the list of new languages, so I don’t care. They should improve or add features useful for everyone.


Hi an yes. I agree. :+1:

German and other languages would be perfect.

During this time will my english slowly better. :wink:


I’m from Barcelona, and that is one reason why I’m waiting to get an EMO. English is not my languaje. I speak spannish, and I think that some other hundreds of millions too.
Another reason why I’m waiting is to know when will EMO be able to recharge by himself.
May be LivingAI could ask for help to the comunity, which I’m pretty sure, would help for sure.
In the meantime, I’ll be very expectative to the language updates


Hey, it’s possible within a year, but I can’t guarantee it, because changes always go beyond plans.


Hello, before buying an Emo, I looked at your page and you said that Emo would respond to several languages, that’s why I decided to buy it, I think it is not very correct on your part that it is not one of your priorities to apply an update in this sense, I feel a little disappointed in this regard. Update languages ​​now!!!..


Vietnamese please, I have lot of friends here have Emo but not all of them good at English (include me)

The biggest problem for non-English speakers is not giving commands in English, which are relatively easy, but UNDERSTANDING what our little friend SAYS, which makes you lose all the fun of the interaction and become frustrating. Since so many of us have chosen EMO with the Promise (I know it was timeless) that it would speak in other languages ​​and that others are waiting to purchase it for the same reason, it seems polite and logical to prioritize this, even if I know it takes a lot of work … or not?


A translation is usually created when all texts/strings are final. It’s really very hard to keep every string added, updated or removed in all supported languages while a product is still under development.

So since EMO is constantly growing we will never get the language update !? I thought instead that it would be less burdensome to translate update after update, instead of translating all the data at the end!

I suppose that they’ll need a professional translator for most languages. They are payed for a list of paper of texts (mostly A4). I don’t know how they would do that with 10 new added/changed words. But let’s be surprised.

Edit: As I’m not LAI’s owner/manager/employee, all I’m saying is from my experience as a software developer. I can’t speak for them.

what if we enter our own language in emo’s application for our question and answer. certain patterns. Is something like this possible

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No, the voice communication is possible thanks to online services.