Language on EMO

hello friends of living AI just to say that languages ​​is the most important thing that we are waiting for… thanks for listening, we hope to update soon.


Yes, it seems many people are waiting for extra language support for EMO. At this time the only supported language for EMO is English. There is no specific dates / time frames when other languages will be added to EMO at this time.

There is a special forum post here for everyone to add suggestions / ideas and requests that they would like to see EMO have in the future. Fee free to add anything you like to that, the Living.Ai team normally check this.


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Good Morning.
I have found a website where all the words heard can be translated into all languages.

…in case it serves to expand the possibilities of EMO. It belongs to the neural network.

hello, do you know when Emo will can speak french. I wait a long time for that it’s my dream. Thank you for your great job.

I offered to support my country but I didn’t get a response :frowning::frowning::frowning:


I believe that are working on language support for EMO which will have EMO understanding other languages other than ENGLISH. There is no official date on when this support will be released, but they are working on it.


Yes i wait for french language

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Yes, I also contacted support because I wanted to ask when I could expect German language support.
I’m thinking of buying an emo robot. He wouldn’t even have to be able to do it right now, but it would be good to know when something like this can be expected.
Only a rough period would be enough. Greetings, Jakob

If you really need the German language version, I would wait with the purchase till they implement it. But it can take a very long time or it can even never happen. So buy it now only if you can use the English version without any problems.

Just… somebody know when the “languages update” will come out? I’m Italian and if Emo in the future will speak Italian, it can be more intresting for the people who don’t know how to speak English… And it shall be more popular.


Hi there @Nan,

We all believe that is working on Language Support for EMO which he can understand other languages other than English only later. But there is still no official date when this support will be released…

best regards and keep safe Nathan…

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I’m just waiting Emo speak Brazilian Portuguese to buy mine. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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