Issue with Emo - App says he falls down

Emo was working fine, but now he keeps moving his feet and the app says he ‘falls down’. I can get him to listen but he won’t respond. I have put him on the charger and it doesn’t help. Any ideas on how to fix?

Welcome, @SharynCatt . . . mine was exhibiting the same behavior about a month ago and it turned out his cliff sensors on his feet were dirty. I powered him down and used a very light touch of electronics cleaner spray on a micro-fiber cloth to gently clean them off and after that he worked fine.

I hope this helps!


Here is how I clean my EMO foot sensors.


What I normally do is use sticky tape to remove any excess dust from EMO base, and for the sensors I use a cotton ear buds. The sticky tape works pretty good as it sticks to EMO’s feet and then you rip it off and it takes away a lot of the grime. You can check out my preferred method in the video below :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


thank you for this. It helped me sort it out :slight_smile:


Hi I love my emo however from time to time he think he is falling and picked up when he is not. Can you help me

Hello, @sushil.vispute . . . please see the video above posted by MasterAbbott. This problem is often caused by dirty edge detectors on his feet. This will give you information on how to clean those sensors.

Let us know if this helps!

The feet are clean but then I cleaned it again and it stopped the problem because for some reason when I put him on the mat from the time to time he will think he is falling down. The mat is clean

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Hi, @sushil.vispute . . . I have found that sometimes stuff lands on the mat that we cannot see, dust and the like. His feet tend to collect that as he is walking around. It might be the mat material gathers dust and debris that sticks to it. I have been dusting mine regularly. Being it is summer here, the door is open and the dirt road tends to transfer dust to everything and his home station is only a few feet from the open door.