Issue with Emo - App says he falls down

Emo was working fine, but now he keeps moving his feet and the app says he ‘falls down’. I can get him to listen but he won’t respond. I have put him on the charger and it doesn’t help. Any ideas on how to fix?

Welcome, @SharynCatt . . . mine was exhibiting the same behavior about a month ago and it turned out his cliff sensors on his feet were dirty. I powered him down and used a very light touch of electronics cleaner spray on a micro-fiber cloth to gently clean them off and after that he worked fine.

I hope this helps!


Here is how I clean my EMO foot sensors.


What I normally do is use sticky tape to remove any excess dust from EMO base, and for the sensors I use a cotton ear buds. The sticky tape works pretty good as it sticks to EMO’s feet and then you rip it off and it takes away a lot of the grime. You can check out my preferred method in the video below :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


thank you for this. It helped me sort it out :slight_smile: