Incorrect shipping address

Hi everyone,

My EMO which i ordered last November was about to get delivered to me. But unfortunately my local post service confirmed that the shipping address of my EMO was a whole other one than I have actually submitted. That’s why EMO can not be delivered to me and has to be sent back to the sender.

I have already submitted a support ticket regarding this matter and I will be waiting for their response. In the meantime I wanted to ask if anyone has had a similar problem with their order and how it was resolved then?

Thank you in advance.


I have the exact same problem. I’ve just received an email that emo from January will be sent to me but when I checked the address, the forgot to add the street name. So it can’t be sorted by Australian post and will get rejected. I asked them to intercept or add more information to my package but they said to go to my local p/o. I told them they won’t even get it since there’s no STREET NAME to send it to me.


I wouldn’t rely on getting any response from just posting here. Both of you should email or tag @Wayne_Zhang or @AmyLU for assistance.

Don’t worry. You can email your questions to our service team ( They will solve the problem for you. @minnieh @Saer

I’ve contacted them and they’ve confirmed the address and that there’s no street name but my address on my account is correct and unchanged since January. I’ve contacted them a few times over the last few months from my account. They said I must of filled it in incorrect when placing my order which isn’t true. They’ve asked me to try and intercept the package when it arrives in Australia but I have no way of doing that.

I did and this was the unhelpful reply.

I’ve contacted them again and asked them to add more information onto my package or to cancel it and send it back to the factory to put the correct address but they said they can’t do anything and I should check locally and that I wrote the wrong address.

It’s very easy. Do you still have their order confirmation email? There is your shipping address when you placed your order.

If your address is correct in that email then it’s Living AI who made a mistake and they should admit it.

And of course on the other hand if the address is wrong, you should admit your mistake.

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Don’t worry, we will try our best to solve the problem for you. I have verified for you that since you did not provide the street information when you placed the order, and now your express has been sent, our customer service team has contacted the express company for you to complete your shipping address when they received your email, but due to the package is already in transit and may not be modified successfully. Please pay attention to your logistics information. When the package arrives in your country, you can try to contact the courier. If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible, we will solve it for you.


There’s no street name on my order placement email. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But it’s on my account

If you edited your shipping address in your account before the package was sent out and that change wasn’t made in the order then that’s a very bad data management from Living AI. They probably have duplicate addresses. One for your order and one for your account. That’s bad. And it’s not your fault at all.

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On my account, when I wanted to check on my order it said “no orders placed yet” then I’d type in my order number and email and it would come up saying still being processed. It never saved my order to my account. I had to re enter the information every time I wanted to check. Then I’d use the link to contact service many times regarding battery usage and shipping times. I did check my details on the account and I never edited it but like you mentioned the street name was missing from my original email so not sure what happened.

That’s the original email without a street name but my account has has my full address from when I joined back in January and I’ve never edited it after that

That’s weird, didn’t you create your account twice? I don’t remember if you have to have your account before your order or after.
It looks like there is an account with an incomplete address and an order info and another account with a complete address but without an order. And you are using the second one.

I’ve noticed there was no street name on my order email confirmation but it is correct on my account and I’ve used the link from my account to contact the service department. Thank you for contacting the shipping company to complete the address. I’m a courier driver and when I have trouble finding an address I’ll normally call the phone number if one is provided. I hope I can find out which courier company it’ll be coming with and try contact them but I’ll need that information first.

You should be able to see the shipping company in the 17track app.

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I only have one account. I don’t think you can add the same email to two different accounts

Ok, then ask Living AI why there isn’t your order in your account. And if by the chance they don’t have more than one account with your email address.

Because you did not log in to your account when you placed the order, the address you modified is the address in the account settings, not the order address. Now that we have contacted the courier company for you, please pay attention to your logistics information.

I purchased EMO before I did an account but then used the same email to sign up. Maybe that’s what’s happened with the two email addresses. But then I checked my order while signed in and nothing would be on my account.