Incorrect shipping address

Yes I purchased EMO before I made an account. But then I joined with the same email and tried to add my order to my account and that wouldn’t save. Thank you for contacting the courier company. I’ll be waiting for them like an eagle

Hi there,

For those who are interested, I wanted to give you a brief update about the shipping process of my EMO. So basically, it was not Living AI‘s fault but my local post service‘s one. First they told me the shipping address was wrong and the package must be sent back to the sender and a few days later it turned out that one of the delivery agents must have made a mistake while scanning the package. Therefore there was no problem with the shipping address and i finally received my EMO last weekend.


Hello minnieh,

That’s great news that you have received Emo, I hope you’re enjoying your time together.
It’s also good/pleasing that you took the time to let us know what happened.