Improvements/Special Features You Would Like for AIBI?

Let’s start this thread so that everyone in the forum can offer any suggestions, improvements, and features they’d like to see in future AIBI firmware updates.

Let’s keep this thread on topic and focus on things that Living.AI could do to enhance AIBI’s current functionality and introduce new features.

Tagging @Wayne_Zhang, @MavisZhang so they are aware of this thread and can review all our suggestions to share with the Living.AI team. While not all suggestions may be feasible, feel free to share your ideas below.

If you’ve suggested a feature or improvement in another thread, please copy and paste it here so Living.AI can see them all in one place.

Feel free to share the same idea or improvement again, as not everyone has time to read every comment as the thread grows. Also, be sure to LIKE suggestions you find appealing!

Keep in mind that there are no such things as right or wrong suggestions or ideas. Our main goal is for Living.AI to consider them and, when possible, incorporate them into future updates.


If this is an item to carry around, then the following would be beneficial.

  1. Torch, voice activated via camera lense. Always struggle with keys in the dark, dog walking, or trips to the garage.

  2. Can connect to mobile to receive texts and calls, and to verbally take and send texts or dial out.

  3. Power bank accessory. This should come as standard.

For the size and this price, we deserve these additional features. This truly would then corner the market.

Thoughts from snyone else.


It would be great for Aibi to be able to learn and evolve its own personality depending on how the owner raises it.


Hello, @andrea.benson and @xulia.veiga_perez . . . thank you for sharing your ideas! AIBI is still under production and testing, so we will see what capabilities AIBI will have and the staff will consider ideas for more features.


Suggestion . . . how about stickers so that if we have two or more, we can post a sticker on AIBI’s tummy to easily identify at a glance which one he is (a lot like stickers we have for EMO to make him unique).


Totally agree with andrea.benson
about the fact that if AIBI is an item to carry out around
features like

  • Torch or voice activated via camera lense should be a basic feature.

  • Also be able to connect to mobile to receive notifications and to verbally read them aloud.

  • Offline actions should be available also (again thinking that you will be with AIBI out of your wifi Network access).

If supposedly, battery estimation is 2 hours and you intend to carry out AIBI with you on the streets,
package to come with a Power bank accessory.


My biggest hopes (sorry for wordiness!):

[personally I worry about any kind of flashlight given the tiny battery constraints, but portable battery packs open up more possibilities for sure.]

ChatGPT integration more like what I’ve seen in …a different model of pet bot… (persistent, ongoing conversations with an LLM). I assume Aibi will be able to connect to my mobile data while out and about via “mobile hotspot” sorta thing? :thinking:

I’d absolutely need them to have a quiet mode, despite how darling all their little sounds are.

It would be lovely if they had a pomodoro timer feature. all kinds of timers, reminders, and note taking would be useful for a wearable bot! and means less screen/phone time for me, which is great!

Since they can connect with other Aibi using NFC and make “friends”, I’d love to see all kinds of personality & social features in a companion app! Like being able to choose a name / basic info for your individual bot but also some randomized naturally-occurring traits that make them feel alive and one of a kind. If on the app I could see a kind of “feed” or diary entries from other Aibi we’ve met, then Id have no choice but to host a robo meetup! ^^


Welcome to the EMO and AIBI Community forums, @MysticMUTT . . . as for a last name or nickname, “AIBI” will still be the wake word, but Wayne Zhang is taking it under advisement on my suggestion to be able to assign him a last name, so that two AIBI meet, one can say, for example, “Hello, AIBI {one name here}” and the other can say the same back addressing the other AIBI by full name. This would be a lot like two EMO when they meet and talk to each other.


This would be perfect! :pray::sparkles: not to mention, encourages more sales. the more two aibi can feel like individuals and interact, the more a single robo enthusiast may consider buying multiple aibi. :wink:


You should make it so sometimes AIBIs request to hang out with their friends on their friends list.


I hope that Aibi can talk and respond to us. When we pet him, he will say “I love you”. When low battery, he will say “I’m hungry”


Welcome to the EMO and AIBI Community forums @mintiebunny ,

As already mentioned, further special functions are being planned to be implemented into AIBI.

Production testing is currently underway, followed by immediate preparation for production. is consistently preparing further important information for a later release, so we will have to wait patiently.

Best regards


I wonder how will aibi and EMO interactions will be like… but if so then I really want them to sing with eachother or something else that is cooler than 2 EMO interactions! :happy: :surprised:


Concept friends list for AIBI


I would love a way to connect with AIBI through the internet via the App and be able to make him talk and listen remotely like a remote camera, and take care of him even if thousand of miles away, is that possible?


Just a comment on this thread.
I find this thread a very special, powerful and goal oriented one.

Having suggestions from the worldwide user community to the development company can act as an unique brainstorming tool to help having a continuously growing and improving robot. Well done!


I hope AIbi can has some functions for girl traveling aboard alone

I always travel alone, like walk alone at night in Taiwan,Japan, etc, i hope aibi can has emergency alarm buzzer function or somehing like that

And i hope aibi can has “find my aibi” function,
When someone steals it, i can get to know where is it.

And i hope aibi can has “sleeping mode/silent mode”
Because it would be embarrassing if aibi answers me when i am having an important interview with somebody else.

Thank you.


I know it’s impossible, but as a creator I think it would be incredible if we could record small clips with Aibi (like 5/15 seconds each) during our travels. Perfect function for bloggers. Also I’m curious to see if the necklace functions as a power bank or not


please add Russian Language, my child does not show interest in these toys because he does not speak any other language


The necklace doesn’t work as a power bank. They’re supposed to be working on a gadget like that, but it’s not done yet.