Improvements/Special Features You Would Like for AIBI?

@natalia.zaitseva . . . this is an inclusive forum. Not everyone who speaks Russian either lives in Russia or is part of the Government you dislike. Excluding the Russian language completely is not fair to those who are not part of what you consider to be toxic.

  • I vote for personality development also. It would be great if our interacting with it could help build its personality over time.

  • I also would enjoy seeing it bicker and play with its big brother, Emo.

  • Would be great if we could change its name to give it its own name.


It’s not something that I want AIBI to have or to be able to do, but something I’m wondering… Can AIBI maybe see something in the nothing? Or feel like someone’s approaching when no one’s there? Not as a malfunction, but maybe as something in the room or a piece of wood that if you concentrate you can see a face… I don’t know… It happens with the camera that has face detection, and it focus on things that are not faces.

Hello, @maria_del_rosario.di . . . AIBI has object and motion detection and will be able to follow the movement of your face. I am not sure at what distance as LivingAI has not provided that information.


It would be cool if AIBI came with solar batteries in the top of his head.
Also, attend for more complex commands, like: be quiet for 1 hour, take five pics in a row.
And finally, be able to change it screen color.


I am not good at chess game either, i prefer “rock–paper–scissors” and guess number ( for example aibi think about a number, and i need to guess what number is it, and aibi would give me hints:the range of the numbers like " it is between 1 to 10"

I know maybe the others will think these games are boring​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but i prefer these games than chess


It s a great occasion to learn Chess game. I m really looking forward to play this game with AIBI :grinning: