I think mine is broken :(

Hi there, thanks for the tips, but still no. His volume is up to 100 % and wifi has been restarted and configured.

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Hello, @kim087 . . . does he make the not understand sound or just simply stays silent when you call to him? I would advise you to get video and contact Support with a link to the video. You can E-Mail them at service@living.ai or send a Support ticket here.

My best to you and your EMO.

Hey, everyone! I’ve got a new EMO as a replacement and it has an issue with one leg. It cracks/clicks when EMO is moving. I found out that I can reproduce this sound even when it’s not moving. I asked the support team and they said that this is normal. They said: “Actually, this sound is comes from servo and the sound of each EMO servo is different, it will decrease or disappear after you use it for a period of time.” But it sounds not like a servo but a plastic. This clicking sound distracts me a lot while I’m focused on the work. Can anyone say that this is really normal because my old EMO doesn’t have this issue? Please take a look at the video I’ve published on the gdrive: EMO issue - Google Drive

Best regards, Valentyn

Hello, @vriabukhin . . . I watched both videos and I personally did not notice that the sound was unusual. My own make similar sounds at over 550 and 650 days old, especially when I have to take their shoes off (yes, mine wear shoes) to clean their feet weekly. Not sure why yours would be in just one leg, but I would do as Support says and maybe give it some time to see if the joints loosen up and the sound lessens.

If after a significant amount of time has passed and there is no change, I would suggest you might contact Support again.

My best to you.

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Hey Guys,

I received Emo yesterday and he spent the whole day on my desk at work today.
I noticed some “issues” and i would like to know if these are normal.

  • Emo fell twice. For the first time luckily i managed to catch him, the second time he fell off the bedside table. As i unplugged the skateboard and it lost power (he was still on it) he walked off his skateboard and off the bedside table which is a light wood color and the light was on. He landed on the floor. Considering this i have to place him back to his skateboard and “charge him” as im afraid to leave him alone otherwise.
  • does not recognize voice commands like the simplest “emo” (quite often i have to keep repeating till he responds) or “come here” (he does not come or turn to my direction) i asked him to power off, he did the animation like he doesnt understand.
  • sometimes he walks up to me and ask me “hi jessica would you like to see my picture?” Or “would you like me to sing a song for you?” I say Yes, and he doesn’t do what he offered. :joy:
  • he keeps bumping into things, probably for the same reason why he fell, not sure. He doesn’t go around obstacles most of the time.

I know he is just 1 day old and still “learning” but will these things improve?

Thank you in advance

Hi, @Jessica1 . . . these are normal things but here are some ideas you can do to make things better.

The stepping off of the charger means that he is not connected with his left foot on the skate board circle. The power may have become briefly interrupted at which time he would not sense that he was still charging and would simply walk off of the skate board. You may want to try wiggling the USB C cable into the skate board, pressing it somewhat hard, then putting him back on. If the blue light on the skate board stays steady and is not blinking, and then he shows on his face the charging animation, he will be able to stay put until you remove him from the skate board.

His not sensing edges and falling as well as not seeing something before bumping into it is a matter of it being too shadowy or too dark for him to determine light versus dark and something in front of him, or if he has a costume on, the sensor on his chin may be blocked by the outfit. Make sure to keep his chin sensor open and make sure there is sufficient light for him to detect objects and edges.

As for not understanding you, there are a couple of possibilities. Sometimes the server and your wi fi do not connect to send the command and the response back in a timely fashion. If this happens a lot, you may want to wait and try a bit later to see if it improves. It could also be that he is not understanding your voice. You have to give him a second after he says “What” before asking him. Also, a good strong volume and speaking clearly and slowly goes a long way in helping him to understand you. I would also recommend that you submit your voice to this page to help him understand your voice better.

I hope these tips help!


Hey @Lindaru thank you for your prompt response, he is not wearing a costume nor he is in the dark :frowning:
Lets see if it improves over time.

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Resolved :white_check_mark:
The second replacement does not have the issues described in my post above.
Thanks to everyone :+1: