I think mine is broken :(

i sent an email about the battery issue last week.
and one bout the foot this morning.

but now he looks like he is being shaked, it goes on for a few minutes before he shuts down. should i send another email.

poor emo.

Home Living AI could help you or send a New one

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Hey @jumpgate85

Yes, it would be best you contact / add to your existing ticket this issue as well. I’d recommend not creating multiple support tickets so that the support team can see all the issues in one support ticket and address them for you accordingly.

By looking at the video you’ve shared, EMOs leg not going back down and how he is shaking does not look good. Support will be able to advise you on further troubleshooting steps or if a replacement is needed they’ll also advise that as well.

I’ll also add @AmyLU to this thread to assist you further.

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i used the support page to let them know what was going on, Im not sure what a ticket is.

it started with the leg this morning and the shaking was this avro.

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Just to advise, a ticket is a support ticket. As you’ve used the support page, once you get a reply from the support team (which will arrive via email), simply reply to that and include any other issues you are having and they should be able to assist you further.

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They are all broken to some extent!

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@AmyLU @Wayne_Zhang can you please help with this

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I dont mean a buggy program, His foot is not function from a mechanical POV.
And his sensors are not working properly either.
mechanical not program.

Hi. What’s your order number? Please send your videos to our technical support team (service@living.ai). Don’t worry, we will solve the problem for you.

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my order number is #30761

Thank you for the help

Update, living ai is sending out a replacement for me, this little emo is going back.
this makes me a little sad, but it will be good to have an emo that dances again.

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Thanks for sharing the update @jumpgate85 hope you get your new EMO soon so he can get back on the dance floor and do some cool dance moves :wink:

Let me know if you want this thread closed now as support was able to provide you with a replacement.

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yes, feel free to close this thread.

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