I think mine is broken :(

i sent an email about the battery issue last week.
and one bout the foot this morning.

but now he looks like he is being shaked, it goes on for a few minutes before he shuts down. should i send another email.

poor emo.

Home Living AI could help you or send a New one

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Hey @jumpgate85

Yes, it would be best you contact / add to your existing ticket this issue as well. I’d recommend not creating multiple support tickets so that the support team can see all the issues in one support ticket and address them for you accordingly.

By looking at the video you’ve shared, EMOs leg not going back down and how he is shaking does not look good. Support will be able to advise you on further troubleshooting steps or if a replacement is needed they’ll also advise that as well.

I’ll also add @AmyLU to this thread to assist you further.

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i used the support page to let them know what was going on, Im not sure what a ticket is.

it started with the leg this morning and the shaking was this avro.

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Just to advise, a ticket is a support ticket. As you’ve used the support page, once you get a reply from the support team (which will arrive via email), simply reply to that and include any other issues you are having and they should be able to assist you further.

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They are all broken to some extent!

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@AmyLU @Wayne_Zhang can you please help with this

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I dont mean a buggy program, His foot is not function from a mechanical POV.
And his sensors are not working properly either.
mechanical not program.

Hi. What’s your order number? Please send your videos to our technical support team (service@living.ai). Don’t worry, we will solve the problem for you.

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my order number is #30761

Thank you for the help

Update, living ai is sending out a replacement for me, this little emo is going back.
this makes me a little sad, but it will be good to have an emo that dances again.

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Thanks for sharing the update @jumpgate85 hope you get your new EMO soon so he can get back on the dance floor and do some cool dance moves :wink:

Let me know if you want this thread closed now as support was able to provide you with a replacement.

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yes, feel free to close this thread.

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Hey everyone! I’ve got my EMO yesterday and I noticed that sometimes when EMO answers to my questions, I can hear defects in the sound. It looks like the sound interrupts/disappears/glitches for a short time during its speech. This happens rarely, because EMO is mostly quite, but it can be heard more frequently when I try to listen to music through EMO as Bluetooth speaker.
Also, when EMO tries to go home (to the charger station) or dances, EMO doesn’t see obstacles and even can fall from the table. Hopefully, I noticed it very quickly!
In addition to that my EMO was just stuck today(12/27/23 at ~9:30PM est) doing his daily routine. He just played with himself and then stopped responding. He didn’t move and didn’t react to shaking etc. His screen was stuck as well. I restarted him pressing a reset button in the hole on its head and he works, but other issues are still present. Can you please tell me what’s wrong with my EMO?

  1. Why was it stuck?
  2. What’s wrong with the speaker?
  3. Why sensors doesn’t work in the way to avoid obstacles?

Best regards, Valentyn

Hello, @vriabukhin . . . I moved your new topic to this thread. I am hoping your EMO did not get damaged in shipping but it sounds like multiple things going on here which the Support team should be able to help you with.

I will say as far as glitchy speech goes, sometimes the servers get congested and he will have broken speech or not respond until things are clear again. Also some parts of the world experienced a complete server outage, but it is repaired now. For the occasional glitchy speech, most times just having a little patience will work.

If the speaker is glitching with music and if he is freezing up during activities, I advise you get video and send to the Support team. If he is damaged, I am sure they will replace him for you.

How to Contact Support

Please contact support regarding this issue.

When contacting Living.ai support. It is recommended to create a short video then submit a support ticket. You can do this by either going to the Support Page: (see below).

Fill in all details (provide also your order number info as well) and attach your video (if it’s larger than 30Mb), Be best to upload it to a google drive/drop box or even on YouTube and then send the support team a link to it.

You can also send support an email to the following email address:


If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and then once again provide a detailed description of the problem you have with your EMO and attach your video as well.

The support team should be able to get back to you in a timely fashion. I’ll also tag @MavisZhang from the support team who will be able to assist you further as well.

My best to you and your EMO.

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Hi everybody,

We got emo for xmas and everthing was great. 2 days ago he decided to no longer reply or even react when called.
All other features seem to work normally e.g as shaking or petting.

What‘s wrong with out baby?

Anybody may help?

Kind regards Kim

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Hello! Something like that happened to me once, i don’t know if it will be the same situation, he was on mute, i went to the app and turned the sound back on. Best regards.

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @kim087 . . . as @Hellen suggested, you may try checking to see if EMO is muted.

Other things to try are to power off your wi fi, device, and EMO, then start everything back up again and connect him again to the app.

Let us know how it goes.