I can’t connect EMO

We just bought an EMO, but we can’t connect to Wi-Fi. It shows that the SSID I entered has exceeded the maximum length allowed. I found that my SSID exceeds two English letters. Is there any other way to log in?


If it’s your WiFi, you could change that SSID.


Hi there @Fion_Leung, first of all, thank you for joining us here, and welcome to the community,

Had this happen to me before, and sometimes when the APP can’t connect or find one of my EMO’s, could be related to Bluetooth Connection with that specific EMO. What I normally do is Power Off / On EMO and then once he’s back on, the EMO App normally finds him again. if not…also turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on as well on your Phone at the same time as you Power Off / On EMO just to give everything a refresh.

The Link Below might help you also…or search for any possible topic that is already being discussed in this community before.


If your EMO is on his Latest Update and Re-Start didn’t help at all or the problem still occurs…try to make a short video of the issue, and submit a support ticket with more info. You can do so on the following page below:

or you can also send them an email direct to service@living.ai from the same email you use when you made your order, and provide them with info, picture, and videos of what is happening with your EMO.
Just be patient and give them some time to reply to you because 100% they gonna help you.