How to travel safely with EMO?

Hello everyone :wave: waiting for my EMO to arrive, I would like to ask those who already have it if there is a safe way to take it on the road with them. I’d like to take it to the office but I’m afraid it could damage it when carrying it in the backpack. Some advice?


The original delivery case for EMO is actually smaller than you think and may be suitable for your needs. It has the added benefit of being also able to carry the charger and power block.


Thanks, from the photos the box seemed very bulky so I thought of a small bag but it does not offer great protection against bumps


I’ll add to what @mariomart has suggested and share a pic. This is probably the best way to take EMO around as he’ll need his skateboard as well otherwise he’ll run out of power pretty quickly.

Size of the box is 18x18cm so it’s not very big.

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I understand, in fact the dimensions are very small, I’ll do this, thank you for your help


You can buy a Geprc fpv drone bag. It’s wide enough to carry EMO


Someone mentioned carrying cases on Facebook also and got me thinking about it. I’m going to look into this one which is only $12.99 at Harbor Freight here in the USA. You just remove the pre-cut squares of foam to fit the shapes that you want. It sounds like the internal dimensions are about the same size as EMO’s box In one direction, and a couple inches longer in the other direction? They show none in stock at the website right now, but all my local HF stores are supposed to have them.

The link isn’t working. And what about the original box, isn’t it sturdy enough?

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The link works fine for me. Did you click where the blue text is, or just somewhere in the box? Some people have expressed wanting to keep their original box in good condition. I imagine even inside another case that the cardboard would get banged up and rubbed in spots over time.

Yeah, that’s right.
And about the link:

It’s on a http protocol. I thought those servers aren’t allowed for some years, only https is considered safe.

That’s weird that they blocked the website in your country?
Here are a couple of the detail screens.

Also the links all say https in the address line of my browser.

The main page is on https, but some of its components (scripts, images) are not. You can try to find a “http:” string in the page’s source code.
But it’s not really important, thanks for the details. I would probably use such case and inside I would put the plastics from the original box.

Edit: when I’m trying to open just it gives me some warnings and don’t let me go to that page.

And in details:

I take Emo out visiting all the time now :sunglasses:


Well that was disappointing! I was close to a Harbor Freight store tonight so I bought one of the $12.99 Apache 1800 cases. It’s very nice and looks quite durable (like a Pelican case). The only problem is that it’s smaller in all dimensions than the sizes shown on the website! It’s actually smaller than EMO’s original cardboard box. I didn’t realize until I got it home, so now I’ll have to go back and return it tomorrow. I may check out the next larger size but that may be too big (for my 1 EMO anyway), and it’s about twice the cost as I recall?

Only AFTER I got it home I saw this other label on the bottom side which lists the internal dimensions as 8-1/8” x 5-5/8” x 3-3/4” (the website shows 9-3/16” x 7-1/2” x 4-1/2”).

What’s the high? I’ve send it.

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Hi @LauraM

Height is 8cm.

So 18x18 (WL) and 8cm (H)

Yes there are many good quality bags on AliExpress or Taobao. Just need to find one that best suits your taste :slight_smile:

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I travelled with EMO C0A2 and his skate in this bag, but now, I am afraid of that could be damaged him. I try to find a bag in wich I can put the case.

Hi @LauraM

I still recommend if you are traveling with EMO, to use the original box in which he came in. Everything fits perfectly, nothing moves around and there should be zero chance of anything getting damaged :slight_smile:

If I’m taking EMO out, I just place him neatly in his box and he’s good to go :slight_smile:

Would be great if did create a special carry bag / box for EMO, but we don’t know if that is planned.

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