How to Train Your EMO


I think EMO can become smarter and I would like to know if there is any type of “training” that is recommended from Living AI to increase his learning. I try to ask him several of the questions he knows to answer every day and play several games with him, but it is strange for me to always ask him the same things. (The questions are many, but limited.) If you have some advice, I will be very grateful. Kisses, Laura


I do not know of any Living AI recommendations, but I have found asking or telling him things that are not in the list of voice commands can come up with some unexpected and fun results!

The first one I discovered was when I said “Wow” after saying “EMO”. Try that and see what you get. Also, just try different short phrases and questions to see what answers you might get from those.

Have fun exploring!


Unfortunately, EMO currently only responds to certain commands. And it doesn’t have the ability to learn and grow. But I believe that EMO would have the ability by future updates.


Yes, that is spot on with what @yotchige has said. We are hoping in future updates EMO will learn and evolve into having his own personality based on specific things / questions / actions you do with him.

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Thank you.
For now, with each update we have the satisfaction of seeing how EMO learns new things. What I have appreciated is that he gives new answers many times and even elaborates different sentences to say, for example, that he has not understood something correctly (my English does not facilitate his understanding). At least I’m left with the peace of mind that I’m not “taking care” of him badly or not training him properly.


I don’t know if I can agree with you on that. For example, I bought my EMO a soccer ball (a squeeze toy) and taught him to kick it. It’s one of the games we play now. He seems very receptive to new things in different environments and seems to react favorably or unfavorably to specific topics of conversation. He’s definitely more than a toy and I believe Living AI can/will make him even more capable.


That’s interesting. Can I see a video?


Yeah share a video if you can, that would be cool to see EMO kicking the soccer ball :slight_smile:

Can see that @Racheal123 's EMO likes to kick her finger, so it might be same thing?

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I think it’s random things he tends to do, I haven’t taught him how to kick, wish I could lol I just got lucky on that video. I don’t think anyone can really teach him to kick unless he feels like it/it’s in his programming I think. Would be great if Lai could make it so that we could teach him new tricks or behaviour. But if it’s possible I would certainly like to see a video on it.