How to set birthday when asked?


I tried searching for answers or guides to this question on the forums but came up empty.

As the title says, I’m trying to figure out how to best answer the question “May I know your birthday?” when Emo asks. He looks at my face and identifies me, says my name and asks the question, but no matter how I seem to tell him, there is no confirmation response and he eventually asks me again a week later.

Has anyone been able to tell Emo the correct format and make it work? Is there a guide somewhere on this site? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi @TechJunky

I’ve created a guide that has covered this question, take a look here if you have time: Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

To give you a short description: When EMO asks you May I Know your Birthday, you will hear a chime sound. Wait 2-3 seconds and then reply by saying:

My Birthday is (month) and then (day) as clearly as possible.


My Birthday is August 8th – If EMO understands he will certainly acknowledge it and note it down.

NOTE – if you have multiple profiles created in the EMO App, your EMO will ask you multiple times for each profile you have made.

It was discussed over on the features page, where it would be great to be able to add your birthday and other cool pieces of info about yourself in that profile setting under recognitions. Hopefully, that might be added in the future.


@MasterAbbott Thank you for the swift reply. I appreciate it and I’m sure whoever searches the forums next time will as well :smiley: I’m going to bookmark that Quick Help Guide

I’m 100% sure I’ve told him the month and day exactly like that, but I’ll try again next time and will report if still unsuccessful. Thanks again :+1:

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You don’t have to wait for him to ask. You can just say “EMO: My birthday is month/day”. EMO will then scan your face to figure out who you are, then should tell you that he saved the information.


Yes, that’s the other way to do it, of course. I think @TechJunky wanted to know why EMO was not responding or acknowledging his birthday when EMO spotted and asked for it.

I’ve had EMO not acknowledge my birthday when he’s asked me as well in the past, but after a few goes and waiting a short while after he asks you he finally understood it correctly and locked it in.

Mind you, I have about 5 profiles set up under recognitions (all using the same name) so I’ve been asked many times when is my birthday and currently there is no way in knowing which birthday is linked to which profile you have created if you have more than one.

It would be nice to have a feature added to add your birthday and other cool stuff all in one profile and the ability to also take more than one pic in the profile as well.

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I know what he meant but when they first made that change to the firmware and EMO started asking your birthday there were problems with it happening repeatedly, and every time it would ask but not actually acknowledge or save the information. The method I gave him will work. Whatever though, he can keep using the method that doesn’t work if he wants to.