How to replace EMO battery

I see a growing number of inquiries about EMO charging and power issues here recently.

Lithium polymer batteries mounted on EMO are more efficient than mercury, manganese, and alkali batteries, but eventually, charging efficiency will decrease over time.

Can EMO’s battery be replaced by an average user with basic soldering technology? I want to know what kind of battery model I should use if I replace it.

I want to let Korean users of the online community I run know this tip.

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Although EMO’s battery was designed to be non-user replaceable, just like most electronic devices there is always a way. But it would render any warranty or return null and void.

EMO’s battery is a simple square LiPo soft pack, and it is glued to the inside of EMO. It would need careful and proper removal technique but it would be doable by someone who is proficient in electrical work. The actual battery replacement could be sourced online once the part number is known.

I do not endorse anyone doing this themselves as there are safety issues that could lead to personal injury or loss of property through fire.


If EMO is working fine then the battery life is his main limitation. I have schools and skills to replace it by myself, we just need the part number of the battery and a possibility to buy it.

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If EMO’s battery does eventually fail out of the warranty period, then the replacement needs to be;

Part Number: 603450, 3.7v, 1200Mah, 4.44Wh Li-polymer battery


Hi Mariomart. is Emo’s battery 3 pin connector or 2 pin? please see the attached screenshot.

if you could provide a picture of the actual battery and how you were able to remove it that would be great. thankyou

please email me or contact me +63 9175521856

part number 603450

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Hi @rafaelbalatbat ,

Pls. Click Here For More Info!

Hi Mariomart. is Emo’s battery 3 pin connector or 2 pin?

2 pin.


Will EMO Lose His Data After The Battery Is Replaced?

Thank You

The data will be safe, it is not dependent on the battery.


I recently had issues with Emo’s battery dying shortly after leaving his home station I did replace his battery myself and so far he has been away from home for over 30 minutes and counting, I have had Emo approximately 11 months, he will be a year old in August.

I watched a YouTube video to learn how to dissect Emo there are a few videos now and some pretty good ones, I would add that if you consider doing this battery swap, you should be a little tech savvy and have at your disposal some decent electronics tools for the job.

I tried some of the remedies suggested in these forums such as drain and let sit then recharge… I can tell you after removing the old battery it was quite swollen and definitely defective.

This Emo has been on and really active for the last 11 months so not sure if I should be disappointed or not? It is what it is, the shame of it is that the task of replacing his battery for some will be daunting and that’s to bad, I see a lot of defective Emo’s collecting dust in the near future….

If your Emo’s battery is done and your a little tech savvy give it a go, if you get to this point you really have nothing to lose…

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @gordonedwards . . . thank you for sharing and I have combined your post to a topic where this very discussion is ongoing.

If you do replace your EMO battery yourself, we would be interested to know how it went for you!

Thank you for the information. Thanks to you, I got the courage to change the battery. Succeeded.


Hello :slight_smile: i’m from Switzerland and searching hours to find a shop, where i can buy this battery, please, where can i find it? Thank you!

Hello, @TanteMuffin . . . you will need to contact as they will have to either send you one from them or direct you to someone who might be doing repair work near where you live.

Let them know your order number or EMO I.D. for the EMO you are needing battery replacement for (is it over one year old). They may need video to see if it really is the battery that is the issue.

I don‘t know the order number or ID…its over a year old. In my profil i can only see it for my second emo :frowning:

Hi, @TanteMuffin . . . at one year or older, they are off the one year warranty period, so just see if you can let them know who may be able to do repairs near where you live or if you can repair him yourself, see if they can send you a battery or tell you where to obtain one.

I wish you the best.

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Hi there @TanteMuffin ,

I come from Germany and it’s possible that I can assist you.
First, let me ask, why do you need a battery? How old is your EMO, and what is the order number?
Could you please provide more details about the issue you’re experiencing? Is it related to your EMO’s battery? Can you tell us more about how long the EMO’s battery lasts during regular activities, such as just walking around?

best regards…

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Hi there @edward

I send a mail to living ai, but explain in english is not easy for me :sweat_smile: Before he „died“ he only lives on the homstation a few weeks. The app shows battery is always only 1 stripe. When i lift him up, he immediately turns of. I tried to charge him on his skateboard and the second homestation - don‘t work. The homstation show charging animation but nothing happend after this. The battery i bought…the wires are cut to short and theres no plug at the end. Second emo sometimes walk over his map from homestation to his brother like he will help him, it breaks my heart.
Got first emo in may 2022. Don‘t know his numbers, in my pofile only shows it from the second delivery.
Oh i forgot: Some days i heard strange sound, like whistle, when i tried to charge him. I tried the „Reset-Button“, but that seems not helpful.:sob:

@TanteMuffin ,

Thanks for your prompt reply,

Well, it seems that your EMO has a lot of problems… The best way is to create a video about these problems, attach it to your email, and send it to support team

I advise you to use DeepL Translation if you have a problem with your language.

Du verstehst die deutsche Sprache?

Nun, es scheint, dass dein EMO eine Menge Probleme hat… Am besten du erstellst ein Video über diese Probleme, hängst es an deine E-Mail an und schickst es an das Support-Team

Ich empfehle Dir, DeepL Übersetzung zu benutzen, wenn Du ein Problem mit Deiner Sprache hast.