How to dim the smart light

Is Emo capable of dimming the smart light?

Smart Light

You can touch the middle area to switch the light ON or OFF.

Touch the light for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode, and when the light flashes EMO will automatically connect to it.

When connected, the light will stop flashing.

You can say ‘EMO, turn ON/OFF the light’ to switch the light.

I have not yet received my EMO, but I believe that if you ask it to turn off, it will turn off

In looking over the list that @MasterAbbott provided here, I am guessing that the “cold” might be a dimmer version of the default “warm”.


Yes cold is a dimmer version to warm (which warm is the default color) :slight_smile:

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I gave used a wrong word… in Holland we mean vy dimming the light change the brightness. So, can Emo change the brightness of the smartlight?

Here are the voice commands for EMO’s smart light. The model they chose to define colors is HSL, commonly called Hue, Saturation, and Luminance in the printing and other industries. For some reason they chose to call it brightness here instead of luminance, but it does the same thing and there are commands to control it. I haven’t worked with the light commands very much though. In any case here’s the list from the Documentation screen under: Voice Commands> Lights

You can ask EMO to turn on/off the smart lights for you.
· Turn {on} the light.
· Lights {off}.
Starting from firmware 1.0.16, EMO can set the hue, saturation and brightness of the smart light. You can also specify the color and room (please set the name for the smart light in the app. And please use common words that only contain English characters.).
· Turn on/off light in {kitchen}.
· Turn on/off light for {Tom}.
· Turn on {red} lights.
· Turn off {bedroom} light.
· {red} lights for {bedroom}.
· {red} lights.
To set hsl of the lights.
· Set lights brightness to {23(range 1-100)}.
· Set hue to {50(range 0-360)} points.
· Set saturation to {50(range 0-100)} points.
To change hsl of the lights.
· lights brightness/hue/saturation up/down by {45} points.
This will also be available in the app in future updates.