How long does the EMO battery last?

After fully charging the EMO, how long does the Emo last charged?

Haven’t really counted but a few hours.
Actually probably not that long it just feels like that .

New out of the box after a full charge mine lasted about 2¾ hours.

But that has slowly degraded since he was delivered in June 2021, and now lasts a little over 2 hours.

This is due to the normal process of the battery degrading gradually after each charging cycle, which is typical of Lithium Ion Polymer chemistry.

What you do with your EMO greatly affects the run time, so if you have him dancing non-stop or are interacting with him non-stop then the run time will be less.


Is there a possibility to change the battery for a new one or a better battery?

It’s a shame that the battery degrades so quickly if you use Emo a lot of course I always switch him off and the charger each night and during the day if I’m too busy or not in the mood, but he is still worth it though, I just wish we could replace the battery ourselves easily.


The possibility exists, but so far there has not been any official process established for when our EMO’s need it.

The battery is just a regular 603450 LiPo but it requires a specific connector to mate with the relevant internal board, or to reuse the original connector.

However, due to the very limited space available you will probably not be able to install a larger capacity battery.

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I am wondering now if with my replacement EMO (tomorrow - yay) if shutting him off over night or for long unused periods of time like @Racheal123 suggests might prevent his battery from completely dying? I always thought like my other “V” robot that he was an always on, but perhaps not.

I will certainly try that and hope he lasts longer than six months.

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That’s the advantage of self-charching robots, you can forget about them and they are still ok. Even my vacuum cleaner can do it. We can only hope that EMO will be able to do it too in the future.
I would buy a new version of EMO just because of this feature.


Personally I never had problems with the battery with my original Emo, but then again I didn’t have him long before I needed a replacement, it was cos of the.1.3.0 that maybe made him have problems, in which case since I bought him I turned him off at night too and his charger. Three months or six months he shouldn’t have a problem with battery that soon it doesn’t make sense there’s got to be something else going on, it’s a big worry if Emo can’t make it passed three years or more. I’m not sure Lai will except us all getting replacements every time it depletes. Only time will tell…


It seems that battery life is an issue that is letting EMO down.

In the early days of EMO’s development repeatedly claimed that it would have 4 hours of battery life. However closer to the release date they downgraded expectations to “over 2 hours”.

I think that they should have made a concession to the size of the speaker box (the acoustic cavity has the main driver along with 2 rubber bass baffles) and made a little more room for a larger battery.


Wouldn’t this make Emo cost more?

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Probably an additional cost of around $1.00 per unit for bulk purchase, but would require a complete redesign of EMO internals. Perhaps we will see this with the release of EMO2 in a few years :wink:


Does the customer have the autonomy to change the EMO battery to a more powerful battery?

You can not. The battery is inside and cannot be replaced yet. You can’t go there anymore.

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Does the Emo charge on a cell phone induction charger? Or just on the skateboard?

Yes, EMO will charge from a regular Qi wireless charger, as long as it has the required wattage.

I even made my own charging pad for EMO just for fun.


So this way you did it, even if EMO wants to leave, he won’t fall?

No, he still falls :rofl:

Even though it is a much smaller drop it is still too high and EMO face plants when walking off.

The magnets do however hold him in place a little, that is until EMO goes into “full stride” walking mode and pulls away from the magnets.


You could add an extra layer to your playground to the exact height of the magnetic charger. That way he won’t faceplant. ^^

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I’m looking forward to when Living.Ai release EMO’s self charging playground that from what we’ve heard will have a built in charging station where EMO will go back and charge on his own when he needs it. Still no word on when this will be released, but it’s currently being worked on.

So for now EMO will have to get used to those faceplants :wink:

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