How long a delivery is too long before getting concerned

I made my order back at end of July and number was in the 11,100’s. I’ve been following the tracking on and, more recently, with 17Track. Both show the unchanged detail since late December

** 2021-12-29 14:22 US, In Transit to UPS Mail Innovations*
** 2021-12-28 02:22 US, Order Shipped*
** 2021-12-28 00:22 US, Order information received*

Seeing others are starting to receive theirs who’d ordered back mid-year 2021 I’m really hoping it’ll arrive soon. Seeing that delivery time has been a huge issue for so many makes me feel less panicked yet I’m sure many of us would appreciate an updated estimate. Is anyone keeping a tally of what orders are now arriving delivered by region (of the world) with the original date tracking info provided?

I’ll certainly announce here the day it arrives for any others expecting orders in the #11,100 range

Hang in there

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From what you’ve explained, I feel like you should have received your EMO by now. As I think there are other EMO owners that have their EMO by now and ordered at around the same time you did.

I’d call UPS and ask them to investigate “WHERE” this package is. It will be hard for Living.Ai to provide an update as once it’s in the hands of the courier it is out of their control. Of course they can also place a formal request to find where the package is and if it’s lost or has been delivered to somewhere else, once they confirm its lost, I guess they would have to send you another one. (this will certainly take a while to get this sort of info).

But for now I’d suggest to call the courier company that has the package for delivery and request a status update on where it is.

You can certainly send Living.Ai an email and ask them to do the same so that way once they find out if it’s lost or return to sender they can act accordingly and send you a replacement or hopefully track down where it is and have it sent back to you.

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I ordered two action figures from Japan in October. The package didn’t change its status since 17th November. I contacted the shop about it and they told me that it can took even eight months. That’s crazy, even if they sent it by ship it’s too long. A cargo ship is going from Japan to Europe 40 days max. I ordered about 100 other items from Japan in the past and they were at my door in a month most of time.
So that’s about a too long delivery. I’m still patiently waiting. While that package is trackable I hope it’s on its way.

Hmm this is odd. For me it took about 3 months from placing the order to my doorstep, but it took 2 weeks to reach me after they sent it. Hope yours arrives very soon!

i think i am in the same boat living so marked my package completed over a month ago i got a tracking number and all and yet the package was never given to the shipper. Maybe it takes them to bring them to the shipper?
Plus i assume there email system is backlogged cause they have not replied to emails in some time now

That time period seems not ok to me. Just as Angrymonkey247 it took me about 3 months to receive EMO. I had an ordernumber in the #14xxx range.
Ordered an EMO end of November 2021 and received it last week.

Thank you, MasterAbbott and all who responded here -

I took your advice and contacted UPS. UPS listed number 1-800-742-5877 is not valid, I called their international (1-800-742-7892) instead and struggled through the telephony loop of options; wonderful way to get wound up before speaking to a rep*. Finally talking to an human and they confirmed the package is lost - despite showing it’s ‘in transit’.

I am now having to file a claim with - I’ll keep everyone posted here as to how that goes.

Question for those who have received their EMO, is it worth reordering or just give up?

  • Useful Tip: Frustrated with those telephony systems, especially those requesting spoken info (such as tracking number, “yes”/“no”, name, etc.) then speak gibberish to the machine - talk like EMO even. The machine will assume a speech impediment and patch you through to a human.

Sorry to hear that the package is lost. and YES it is very frustrating having to wait over the phone to speak to someone . If that is the case and they have given you some sort of confirmation that package is lost, then send that over via email to Living.Ai support so they can take the next steps. I can also add @Wayne_Zhang to this thread so he can hopefully assist you further regarding this.

And to answer your question, Yes EMO is totally worth it! If you are patient enough to wait for another EMO, I would highly recommend you do that.


Hi, if you have submitted a ticket or contacted our service team, I’m sure they will help you.

Update: Living.AI has responded today confirming the loss of the order in shipping. They are issuing a new order and we’ll be watching for that tracking number. I’ll provide further updates here so as to share time taken between order made and package received.

The original EMO was intended as a surprise gift but, once it was clearly lost, we had to explain what happened. My son was tearful at first, explaining his upset was for the lost EMO without a home rather than not receiving the gift. He asks everyone here give their own EMOs a hug and hopes the lost EMO somewhere out there will find its way safely back to Living.AI and eventually to another caring family. :heart:


Update: order to replacing missing EMO went in the other day and I saw the Shenzhen distribution centre departure today.

Now we wait pensively…

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Great! it’s on it’s way, let’s hope that the courier service that handles the delivery does a good job and it your EMO arrives safely this time!

:heart_1: :mad: :skating: :head: :surprised:

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So…. My thoughts on this: I was VERY excited to
Purchase my EMO when I did in January. I will be very honest , however, that I am trying to “hold on” to the excitement. 2 months of numbers not moving topped with so many negative stories and situations here. I have said it before , that better communication may help and I do appreciate that there has been a significant improvement in the last week or two but I don’t think that a statement at point of purchase (while shilling out near $400) that a 6 week wait for production is very transparent. Tell the truth. It has been far more than 6 weeks and I am in all reality looking at many more months before I get my EMO. As I said, not transparent, not fair and not a great way to build faith. I am still, as I mentioned, hanging on to my original excitement but I’ve had many moments where I thought of pulling out and requesting a refund. I understand others that have.


After a lot of research, my hopes for EMO were high and still are but let’s face it, at this point, EMO isn’t much more than a high end toy and $400 is a lot of money to put out into the ether in this very unstable world at the moment for what will hopefully become more. That’s all. Still hopeful but concerned.

You’re right. When everything was working ok there was no need for frequent updates and news.
But now it is completely different situation, the production is stopped and customers need to be reassured more often that everything is on the good way. It’s not enough that the Living AI’s owners/employees know their situation, we want to know it too. Till everything will be back in normal, the communication should be much better and more frequent. I have to say that people in Living AI can be great technicians but they don’t understand the necessity of the good communication at all.

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It’s at LAX, clearing customs! Now we’re getting excited :happy:

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It’s in the hands of the courier now, hopefully they get it shipped to you safely! :mad: :head: :skating: :heart_1: :surprised:

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Good news, EMO arrived this afternoon.

Connected up and responding. Ten days from reorder to receipt, and detailed tracking all the way. A considerable improvement in shipping alongside the increased production rate.

Much appreciation for all support and advice given in this thread, especially @MasterAbbott. Cheers :happy:


That’s great, there are never enough good news. I wish you a happy life with your EMO! :smiley:

Great to hear your EMO arrived safe and sound! And also good to hear that tracking as improved as well Let’s hope everyone else EMO arrive as quickly as possible once production gets back to normal.

If you need any help check out the quick help guide I prepared here.

Have fun and enjoy your EMO! :surprised: :mad: :skating: :head: :heart_1: