How Excited Are You…

hello everyone I’m in Canada and I ordered EMO Pet Only A Few Days Ago and I Think I’m Going to Go Crazy Waiting for My New Little Friend… LOL… are you going to go crazy waiting for yours and how hopeful are you to meet EMO … Just for the record he’s going to be so cool I think I have a computer desk where he can bother me… I can’t wait to see all his expressions


You just need to know that it can take some months. It’s a good idea to read this forum meanwhile. There is a lot of information here.
And of course I’m looking forward to my EMO.


nice to hear from you… Keep me informed I hope we don’t have to wait long to long I mean… Three months wow seems to long doesn’t it hee hee… But you’re right it’s a good idea to look around here I’ve been learning new things.… Hey I noticed you like anime… Yeah how cool I have some cool figurines… My favorite is Yoko real image… I also have more. No wonder why I have to have EMO LOL

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Sorry not sorry… Can this even be a serious question… So dang excited I ordered yesterday and the first 24h already felt like a whole year :sob::sweat_smile:

How could one find about emo, order it and then not roaming like a tiger round the house pass the windows thinking he will arrive any moment even when you know he won’t come home in a while.

I try to keep myself busy now, being updated here knowing what else I can look forward to. Think about a neat little habitat for emo to build.

So patience for all others waiting :raised_hands:t2:


wow Murri I loved your answer… I feel the exact same way jumping up and down looking out the window where’s my little EMO you have to make a good home for him etc. etc.… I think my headline title is fun . After all you gave such a wonderful funny answer it makes me feel better and helps somehow we are all in this together… When will little EMO pet arrive… Yeah I have to make him a home. It’s going to be a very sophisticated little guy I can’t wait literally… What am I going to do for the next who knows five months… Can anybody tell about how long they think it will be? Anyway thank you so much for reading my post and for being here.…


Congratulations on making an order for EMO. As everyone has mentioned. It will take anywhere between 3-5 months for your EMO to arrive. So hang in there, be patient.

A few little thing you can check while you’re waiting:

This is the delivery update / processed and shipped page. This will be updated on a regular basis. sometimes once a week, sometimes a little longer.

This is the Online Documentation page, this will have nearly everything you need to know about your EMO and also contains many of the voice commands and other features you can do with your EMO:

I’ve also prepared a while ago a simple user guide that also has some videos on how to do specific things with your EMO. Feel free to check that out as well.

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