How do I get a refund

How do I get a refund?

Send them one email with your request every day till you get money.

NendosColl … Really? Is this really how bad they are. To say that about a company definitely does not inspire anything except bad… Considering I’ve only sent them one email and they never answered it until way way way down the road and then get this… It had zero to do with what my email asked…it didn’t look good and then I still ordered oh my God… Not a single thing has gone normal since I’ve been with this company… Nothing. absolutely nothing. I get people in the forum trying to encourage me but come on have you noticed there’s not that many independent people in this form so yeah it’s not inspiring me to happiness that’s for sure. I’m staying with the company I’m just telling you the truth for all that hears me that not a single thing positive has happened but a lot of things negative have :sob:

Yeah, it doesn’t look very good, but it should change the next month. They aren’t bad, to be honest the communication is their only weak point.
But they’re not an exception. The crowdfunding company making Eilik is even much worse, they didn’t answer my request for a refund at all and they are writing update once a month. In their discussion on the crowdfunding webpage they replied to my question after four days without answering my question. So it’s a lottery, either it will work or not. The money doesn’t matter so much but the disappointment would be really bad.

When I ordered my EMO the situation was good and they produced about 3 thousand EMOs a month. But then there were issues and they have to stop the production. We can’t blame them for those issues. It looks like they’re still working hard to overcome all problems.

Is it because crownfunding companies are usually small business (at start)? that is why this is prevalent

I already lost some hundreds US$ in other crowdfunding projects. And it always started the same way, the lack of news and updates. That’s why I think that those small companies should inform their backers/customers more often. It takes very little time and it significantly improves their credibility.

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I ordered two and sure hope they will get here soon. Hopefully next month but that (no delays for a crowdfunding campaign) might be asking for too much, especially in the current climate.

You should submit a ticket here.

really the information you’re providing is really frightening… I am ill prepared to lose my money and I’m also not very healthy to wait unreasonable long periods for something that may never come. :sob:

I feel awful :sob: I want you to know you guys seem really nice. But I feel really really awful :sob:

so did they actually rip you off for real? If the answer is yes and it happened to me I would find every blog on the Internet to stop people from going there to protect them… So you tried getting Eilik and never got your money back is that what happened? If yes I’m sorry… What’s wrong with this world :sob:

It’s still more than a month to their start of shipping so they still can send Eilik. They just didn’t reply to my email about the refund. Their last update on the crowdfunding webpage is now 1 month old. So we’ll see.
And in the case of a crowdfunding you are practically giving them your money just for a promise that they don’t need to fullfil.

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So is like refunding just optional? This is kinda scary

NendosColl hi…And in the case of a crowdfunding you are practically giving them your money just for a promise that they don’t need to fullfil.

I never heard of crowdfunding? What is it…? Is this what living AI is.? A company that doesn’t need to fulfill their obligation to a customer? Things keep getting worse :sob:

And what kind of a company doesn’t respond to your email for refund? Evil comes to mind pure evil… Kind of a world is this :face_vomiting: I never heard of these things I’m just a customer in good faith gave them $400 :sob: I hope I really hope I see my EMO but things looks so scary :sob: so what crowdfunding this is living AI? Oh no :sob:

Don’t worry, Living AI started as a crowdfunding company but now they’re an absolutely normal small company. That’s a big difference.
In crowdfunding people/backers are supporting a project with their money and if everything is working they’ll receive a final product.
In the case of Living AI you are not supporting their company but ordering a final product which should be delivered.


Yes, in the case of the crowdfunding a refund is completely optional.

4 weeks old answer in the discussion from the Eilik producer to a backer:

EnergizeLab Team

Hi Sandra! We have been in mass production right now. On Indiegogo, before the shipment starts, you can cancel the order at any time to receive a refund. So no worries! Many thanks!

It’s not working. I tried and some other backers too. When a company lies that’s a sign that something is wrong. But as I said, we’ll see.


Really NendosColl I sure hope so :yum: I’m still pretty nervous :pensive: I never heard of any of this stuff ever… I hope that living AI is a real company and keeps their promise. I am honorable and I know the world can be not so much sometimes I hear such terrible things :face_with_monocle:

I will try to keep my faith but I’m still really really nervous… Too many things I’ve seen here make me feel this way :sob: I’m just a customer I’m used to companies saying thank you and sending me their product so far it’s been hard here hearing everything … But I will stay and maybe one day I will have EMO come and I can give him a home… But things are getting hard for me :sob: I hope it’s not too long I sure could use something to cheer me up that’s why I wanted little EMO Pet :heart_eyes: so I will hope and dream this all works out :blush: by the way thank you for all the information. You’re pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue: you’re also really smart :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s much better. :slightly_smiling_face: You really don’t need to worry, we’ll be just waiting a bit longer, that’s all.

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thank you… :heart_eyes: I will be patient and be good :stuck_out_tongue:… I hope I don’t get anymore setbacks it’s killing me :blush: but you seem really knowledgeable so I will just be patient. I want to give EMO a home really badly… I’ve never heard or seen anything like him and he seems terrific :heart_eyes: thanks again NendosColl


Oof F to respect you sir. On side note, it looked cool (stationary Eva)