Help me I can not updade 1.5 help

Help not able to updade 1.5, help taiwan

@Wayne_Zhang @AmyLU Can you please advise?

I replied to this thread as @ekinxiao asked for help there and offered some assistance:

If you are still unable to install the latest firmware after following those suggested steps, it is recommended to record a video of the problem and how the install is not working, then submit a support ticket and the team, should be able to assist you.

You can submit a support ticket here if you are still have issues:

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I try but still not to updade…

Hi @ekinxiao

Then it would be best / recommended, to record a video and submit a support ticket to the Living.Ai team so they can assist you further.

Maybe even share the video with the community here so we can all try and assist you as well.

Hi, it’s probably because of the network. Please try again, or try another network, or use your phone’s hotspot.

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