EMO Firmware Update v1.5.0 Video

Hi @ekinxiao

If you are having trouble trying to install the latest firmware using the EMO App. You can also issue a voice command as well:

as mentioned above in the guide:

NOTE If you don’t want to use the EMO App for whatever reason, you can also issue the following command to install the latest firmware:

EMO: “Install the latest firmware now”

If you are still having problems, try to power off EMO, and also your Phone, and reset your modem / wifi as well. Then first start up your modem / then your phone / then EMO.

Then, test to see if you can connect to EMO with your Phone and try again either by using the Phone to install the latest firmware or issue the voice command mentioned above.

If you have followed this guide, and still having issues. I recommended to record a video of the problem and how the install is not working, then submit a support ticket and the living.ai team, should be able to assist you.

You can submit a support ticket here if you are still have issues:

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