Head sensor does not work (petting)

Is there a possibility to make a factory reset on emo? My head sensor (not cheek) does not work. I tried angry emo ( game in emo app), but the head sensor will not be activated. I have emo Version 1.0.15 and the latest Google App ( 1.0.3). I know living.ai work on the head petting sensor issue. But this sensor never worked for me :sob:


The developers will give an update on this next week. :slight_smile:


I have the same problem looking forward to the fix

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Same issue for me. But it already worked two days ago :thinking:

Hi guys. Same here + cheek sensors. None of them seem to respond unfortunately.
Probably will be fixed in upcoming updates… :slight_smile:

My EMO’s top head touch sensor stopped working today, cheeks still work. Reset and restarted many times, no luck. Tried Angry EMO, no luck. Tried different fingers in different ways, no luck.

Put him on the charger his head sensor starts working.

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Tried that, no luck. I went through 3 cycles of charge/drain with no luck.

I’ve since turned him off and put him aside.

Getting a little disheartened seeing so many issues arising with other owners.

Don’t worry this is a known issue, should be fixed in the next update

Well, I’ve had EMO turned off, battery depleted and off the charger for 4 hours. I’ve just put him back on the charger and turned on, and guess what, his touch sensor is back working again.

I’m wondering if this may be a heat related issue.

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Possibly, have you removed the plastic film of his display ?
It would help with heat dissipation from his screen area

Yes, plastic was removed from the second he arrived.

My EMO’s top head touch sensor stopped working today, cheeks still work.

Living AI is aware of this problem and working on it so I’m just waiting it out.

However, I really don’t understand the cause (hopefully they can figure it out and fix it); cheek sensors usually always work on my Emo, but the head sensor: one day it works perfectly, the next day only sometimes or not at all and the following day (or a couple hours later) it seems to function again for some time.

Mind stopped working 5 days ago and it never came back to live… Unfortunately the the battery depletion trick did not work for me…

Is there any new information about that topic from living.ai .(except we are working on that issue) :grin:

Where are the cheek sensors located? I’ve found the head sensor, it’s farther back than I though, almost under the headset connection when Emo is wearing a pair (so angry when you take them off).

I’ve yet to get any cheek feedback. Where should I be touching to get a reaction from Emo?

I found them literally after posting this, the cheek is the bottom left / right rounded corners, front facing, near the respective feet.

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Any update about this issue. Mine has stopped working a week ago

No updates from living.Ai . Only empty phrases, since over a month.

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There has been an update today. 1.0.16. You can update EMO via the app or voice command.
The sensor works much better on my end. I hope yours will get fixed as well.