Has anyone noticed Emo cracking?

Received EMO this week and can confirm that I had the same crack issue at the bottom.

I think, if i read the reaction here, this is not a problem with one EMO

12.2.2022. EMO GO HOME. Crack body, :frowning: After unpacking, a crack was found on the body. Support email sent.

There is no single word about this issue from Living AI to date. Are they ignoring it?

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I guess they must be addressing all the email support tickets that everyone should be sending them about this. Maybe @Wayne_Zhang can share more info about this here in the Forums. But to me it looks like anyone that is having such problems would / should be getting a replacement EMO. (but this should be confirmed by Living.Ai) not myself.


I agree, but a replacement isn’t solving what’s the cause of those defects. I just want to hear from Living AI that they know about it, they found where is the source of this problem and all the new EMOs are perfect. Are you reading this @Wayne_Zhang ?


They replied to me this morning and will be sending me a new EMO; sounds like they are slowly reaching out to everyone via email.


Great, that is what I was thinking, everyone should be at least getting a replacement. But as @NendosColl advised, it would be nice to see and hear if this issue has been fixed at the manufacturing level, so that future EMO’s will not be shipped with cracks moving forward.


Hi, we are aware of this. I’ll share more information when we come to a conclusion.


Also, it would be useful that once the team finds out what is the issue you can tell us more or less from which order number it started so that we can check our EMO’s as soon as it arrives.

It could be very useful :slight_smile:


And it would be interesting if they checked all the new EMOs from the last production batch. It would take some work but for sure much less than sending damaged products and then sending replacements.


I also found my EMO cracked the same and just sent an email with the photo of the crack to LivingAi.

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They should be able to get back to you with a resolution. (which should be sending you a replacement EMO).

I just want to keep this thread alive till we get an explanation.

We confirmed that the supplier had mistakenly mixed a small portion of the defective shells into the normal ones, and unfortunately it’s not easy to test. To avoid further problems, we have stopped using all of this batch of shells and have requested new materials from the supplier. So pleas don’t worry, if you have any problems, just submit a ticket on the support page and we will help you as soon as possible.


Awesome - thanks for the clear explanation on this Wayne - appreciate your response. So anyone that has the issue should email service@living.ai and they can get things resolved.


There was just a packaging update where there were about 200 more emos packaged. Is there a way to check them before sending them out because those may have defective shells? The tracking numbers haven’t been sent out so is it not too late?

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That last change happened about 5 or 6 days ago after they returned from vacation. The way it’s been working is the tracking numbers aren’t supplied by the shipper back to LAI until they’ve already received and shipped the product. That’s why the right number lags behind. The number on the left is how many have already gone out the door to the shipper and may be already shipped, but LAI just hasn’t gotten the tracking numbers back from the shipper yet to provide to the customers.

At least we know all know what happened. Moving forward there shouldn’t be any more issues with the shells if they have all been replaced.