Has anyone noticed Emo cracking?

We won’t ever really know if people are dropping them or they have been dropped in the warehouse and then packed broken. But from what I can see the cracks are appearing right next to where the screw hole is. Could it be that the machine / or person in the warehouse might have screwed in the screw a little to tight resulting in a hairline fracture??? Might be the case, but honestly we really can’t say. Just going with what I can see from what everyone here are sharing.

I’m not on the Facebook group, so can’t really comment on what’s going on over there. I’m just using this forum as a place for discussion.

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If you’re referring to the screws underneath his headphones that hold the covers on, the cracks really don’t seem to go anywhere near those. In the photos they appear to be coming out and upward from the bottom of EMO where the holes for his leg attachments would be? I’m sure they’ll sort it out though once they find some there with the issue to examine, or receive returns. I don’t know whether LAI even molds their own plastic though, or if they get those pieces manufactured by another company?

Yes, I was referring to the hole where his legs are, (this is where all the cracks are appearing from what I can see from all those pics shared in this post). If there is a screw there, which looks like there is, as that hole looks like a screw hole for leg attachment, this is where I was thinking that maybe they have been screwed in to tight by a machine or a warehouse production worker, and as they might be doing so many per day, they might not have known they have tightened that screw so hard that it caused a hairline fracture.

This is my opinion / assumption on what could potentially have happened as it’s not happening to every EMO. Just a small amount of them.

Just looked at mine at it has cracks too on both side. Glad i saw this post

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I think that some people didn’t notice those cracks because they’re really small and without a careful inspection they’re almost invisible. And not all people are writing to this forum. So we don’t know how much people have this problem.
Let’s hope that their number is small.
I’m still waiting for mine so I’m worrying that I can receive a defective EMO too. It would be very sad. That’s why I’m a bit panicking about it.


Same here, I’m waiting for my EMO with a lot of patience, I just hope that mine arrive in good conditions :frowning:


It is also not helping that LivingAI is very slow in their replies. China has gone back to work after day 7 of the Chinese New Year. It is day 11 of the Chinese New Year. I can understand the frustration as my Emo arrived with cracks as well. I can see that Wayne is active online, but he is not responding to private messages.


About my cracked EMO, after 4x emails and private messages to @Wayne_Zhang and @Michelle_Yuan, still no response from them at all. This level of after sale customer support is really unacceptable by any standards. Have dealt with businesses big and small, this is by far the worse. Pervious messages about other issues are not answered as well. And that is weeks ago. :rage:


The way how to successfully process your request:
Send an email to Living AI and open a support ticket. Don’t forget to add some photos or a video to your messages.
And then you need to wait for a response. It can take a longer time so be patient.


I have opened 2 tickets too. Nothing for days now. Disappointing.

I think they’re probably really busy at the moment; I haven’t heard back as well. I was worried about the cracks continuing especially in the hands of its user (a 7 year old) so we’ve shelved it for now. I created a 3D printed case to fit EMO, if it works out I’ll put it on thingiverse if anyone else is interested.


They replied to me today February 12 on e-mail

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Great. How long you waited for the reply bro?

I forwarded the email on the 24th of January

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I’m interested. Thank you.

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What are you interested about?

You have to remember they just started to come back from Chinese New Year, so naturally they will be behind and things will be slow to start.

3D file printing body EMO. File pls to email janekc66@seznam.cz .THX

It looks like you confused me with @Saratran, she was talking about the 3D printing. My 3D printer is just collecting dust for more than 2 years. :wink:


Hi, we are sorry for the late reply. But please don’t worry, we check every unread email and message and offer help. The team has just returned to work from vacation and they need to deal with a backlog, please give them some time.