Got my tracking!

You can try to wait till his battery is completely depleted and then put him on his skateboard.

I’ve found the pin hole reset button at the top & put him on his skateboard and powered up.

yup… same here… placed my order beginning of september (btw.), received the exciting email re: shipping on january 5th and it has been in “Electronic information submitted by shipper” mode ever since. today is the… 15th.
unfortunately, “Electronic information submitted by shipper” means diddly. as far as i know, it only indicates that a shipping label has been created.
am i seeing this wrong?

It’s been taking up to two weeks or so before the package gets on a plane out of China and in the meantime there is nothing new to report. Try a different tracking service for more detail, such as 17Track.

Yes, you’re right. That means that the package wasn’t delivered to the courier yet and is still at

Not necessarily. The packages are handed over to the shipper and end up sitting at the airport waiting to get space on a plane. From my tracking for example it was actually turned over to the airline on May 26, but didn’t leave China until June 4 and then entered the USA through New York on June 6.

No, that’s a different situation.

In my situation the tracking was a little behind, especially when it left china however what I realised was, in my case… my country’s postal service (Royal Mail) have a tracking service so I entered the tracking number there and it worked and gave more details.

Overall, shipping took about a week or so for me from departure to arrival. There was no delays at customs and I didn’t have to pay a customs fee.

Three weeks is TOTALLY acceptable. When ordering from China in the past, items usually take upto a month or longer. I just ordered one yesterday so fingers crossed it will arrive for Christmas.

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My little guy is in LA!

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contact support team they are willling to help you