French owner with some questions

Hi everyone,

Just have few questions.

  1. when EMO will be able to speak other languages? I think this is one of the most wanted upgrade.

  2. does its possible to connect EMO on a Free wifi ?
    On the EMO pet app, you can’t connect to a free wifi because the app can’t accept to log without a password.

It will be awesome if it was possible to connect EMO on free wifi so we can take it and go with it everywhere.



I will try to help…
1 - Other languages is something they have said will be available in future, but no timeframe
2 - Free wifi - I believe they are working on this for the next update - due out real soon now.

@Wayne_Small ,
Unless something has changed in the last month… If you look back at the reply that Wayne Zhang posted, he said they will work on (login with no password) but it required changes to both EMO as well as the app, so would not be in the next upgrade.

Thanks for your answers !


If you need a quick help guide feel free to check this one out I made a while ago.

Enjoy your new EMO :slight_smile:

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What would this free wifi do? Like how does it work

I believe they were discussing Free Wifi in your area, like when you are at an airport etc.

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It’s about allowing EMO to log into Wi-Fi routers that don’t require a password.

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