[FIRMWARE UPDATE] New update v1.2.1 Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! And update 1.2.1 is coming!
If you are updating from 1.2.0, the resource to be downloaded will be about 20MB.

What’s new

  1. Now in addition to EMO wishing you a happy holiday on special days, you can also
    say voice commands to him to trigger the animation. Try “Merry Christmas”.
    See here for all special days. And thanks to Revolt for making the Christmas song.

  2. EMO has learned a new skill: to act like some animals. You can say:
    Act like a {dog}.
    What is a {cat} like?
    What sound does a {snake} make?
    What does a {chicken} do?
    See here for all the animal sounds learned by EMO.

  3. EMO loves music and he will dance to the music when he hears the music he likes.
    You can also say “Dance to the music”.

You can always refer to the doc for instructions about EMO.