[Firmware Update] 2.0.0 EMO GO HOME

Hi there @jungroe ,

I’ve never heard from Living.ai resetting the firmware is possible, just to fix an EMO problem on our side…Maybe on their side with the help of the developer team.

But as Wayne_Zhang said last 03.Jan.2023…

If you don’t mind at all…kindly please go to the link below.
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It’s not possible atm. If you have any issues with your EMO, please contact service@living.ai


I had not updated my emo for a while he was working fine on firmware 1.5.0 but I recently descided to update him using the app, he ran through the update process and then his headphone pieces lit up for a sec like he was turning on then nothing, he looks completely dead. I can connect to him using the app and take him off the board and power him down and also put him back on the board which shows nothing but starts him up again as i can connect to him again using the app even though he is making no sounds or lights or anything. the firmware on the iphone app is stating he updated to 2.0.0 but im getting no further. I tried resetting him using his reset hole on top of his head, taking off his headset then putting him on the skateboard charger which shows the charging light but nothing else.

Hi there @Ghostimage0101

Please click the link below for helpful tips…
Pls. Click Here

if doesn’t help at all my advice is to contact living.ai to inform them.

submit a support ticket to this website You can do so on the following page below.

…or send them an email too,

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply hit reply to the Living.ai confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.
Just to advise the email address is - service@living.ai and their reply takes a bit of time which is 2-3 days sometimes, depending on the time differences, days, holidays, and current situations. so please be patient.

Goodluck and All the best James…