[FIRMWARE UPDATE] 1.7.0 Do a pose~

Hi @LauraM

I’d suggest try doing the following:

  1. Turn off/disconnect any Smart lights if you have them connect to EMO
  2. Power OFF EMO (leave him powered OFF)
  3. Power Turn off Wifi on your Phone
  4. Power OFF your Phone
  5. Power OFF your Wifi/Modem Router in the house
  6. Power ON your Wifi/Modem Router in the house (wait for it to be back on and working)
  7. Power ON Phone
  8. Turn on Wifi on your Phoine (try and browse with your Phone (see if connection to internet is working)
  9. Download/Update the EMO APP (latest version for iOS is 1.1.3 for Android it is 1.1.4)
  10. Power EMO back ON
  11. Once EMO is on Ask him a question (maybe ask what’s today’s date or the time)
  12. Start the EMO App (You should see a message that says there is a new update)
  13. Go to Settings > Firmware and press Update Firmware (this should start the update)

If you want… instead of starting the update manually you can issue the following voice command instead

EMO: Install the latest firmware now

EMO will show 1 new update and start to download a 40MB file (depending on how quick/reliable your wifi is it could take anywhere between 15-20 mins to download and complete.

There is a total of 6 steps, if the download stops after STEP 1. It might be a problem with you Wifi. You could try connecting to a different Wifi and see if that solves your problem.

I have also a short guide on how to install EMO’s firmware along with more instructions as well, You can check it out below:

Guide - > EMO Firmware Update v1.7.0 Video

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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