Fast charging DHL

Hello support team, please I need my product as soon as possible. Every day my wife asks me about emo She wants him to come to her birthday and sing for her Please help me send a product with fast shipping to avoid delay and product damage Thank you for your efforts We wish your team good health We hope it will be a happy new year

contact living ai support they can charge you extra to send the item fast

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I sent them an email and am waiting for their response

just wait about 2 to 3 days

Hi there @ilyesbairi .

If you sent them already an email…you don’t need to create a new topic repeatedly just to ask about the same private issue. also, your topic title is non-sense or misleading.

Please wait for their reply and try to be patient as they are on holiday at the moment from what I understand, but they will get back to you. We all know that they have families too same as you/us… expect for their reply next week.
I told you already the best thing to do HERE.