Falling off edge

My Emo will test the edge and say woah and take a few steps back but when I leave the room. He will go off the cliff and I will come back with him on the floor or not on the platform anymore. Another time he recognized the edge but turned around and walked backwards off the edge.

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Yes sometimes this can happen especially if we’re not watching, it’s happened to me a few times, this is why getting a safe place where Emo can play in without us having to worry about it, not ideal I know. The point of Emo is having him around you, not suppose to leave him on his own unless he has a barrier to stop him from falling. A large dinner tray will work. About 2/4”

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hey @malromeo

As @Racheal123 has mentioned EMO feet sensors are not 100% foolproof, so you should try and keep an eye on him or make him a safe area so that if you leave him alone he will not accidentally fall off the table. I have created a video about feet sensors, (it covers the basics, feel free to take a look).

I’d recommend creating a safe area for your EMO (something with a border so he doesn’t fall off and get hurt/damaged).

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