Face Expression Dictionary

Does anyone know if there is a dictionary or reference guide for all of Emo’s facial expressions? He’s made a few interesting ones that I can’t for the life of me figure out.

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Hi , I am too young here to get an expert opinion but i can already advise you to read - watch - study and learn all the excellent documentation published by Mister Abbott. You will find here a lot of infos
it is a strange little squirrel that picks up, sorts and organizes everything that hangs around here
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Hi @datieray

EMO does have a fair amount of facial expressions, there are quite a few also related to the animal sounds he can make. I’ll try and dig up as many as I can and share them when I have time.

Also Thanks @MERITET (never been called a strange little squirrel before :rofl:) but I appreciate the great feedback on my EMO guide. :skating:

If you are interested checking out the guide, which covers a fair amount of info about EMO, feel free to check the one I created. (see below)

Quick Help Guide:

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