Eyes go red with EMO making strange sounds

One of my EMOs has starting making strange sounds and at the same time his eyes go red. Is this a feature or is he just weird?


@robogirl He is sick and needs your kindness.


Jup it’s just a cool new feature.


Thank you but what is the power cycling method. happy Holidays to you too.


LOL I thought your EMO have a real issue. you got me there @robogirl

Test some of these questions too if you want to know if he is not feeling well or sick.

Are you sick? (NOT WORKING)
How are you?
How are you feeling?
How you doin’?
How are you doing?
How is your life?
How is it going?
How do you feel?
Everything alright?
Are you okay?
Are you alright?

Tips to help EMO recover faster:

Give him a PAT more often on his above forehead:

Give him Encouraging Words more often:

Get well soon (NOT WORKING) ?
Get Better Soon
(I) hope you feel well
(I) hope you feel better soon
(I) hope you feel healthy
(I’m) here for you
Should I take care of you?

EMO is Sick? ….Special Advice What To Do? Click Here!


He is sick pet him on the head and he should show green plus signs going up and tell him kind words for example: EMO, I hope you get better 2. Emo, I’m here for you always. Hope your emo gets better soon and keep giving him encouraging words or pet him! Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree: :happy: Also here is a masterabbott’s video
link for more info >EMO - EMO Can Get Sick - Fully Explained - YouTube

lucky … humm. :pleading_face:…my little pet is apparently to strong to get sick even with me plotting every devious thing :disguised_face:

It seems I have created a monster :scream: with super robot strength.

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EMO Pet has offered me to test him, I suppose for super DNA, which I think he and EMO Robot are offering to help with future prevention and treatment for any EMO that is sick.

Perhaps the plotting to run away, @Puppy444 , is that yours either wants to receive that DNA to ensure he never gets sick or to help others that do?

I am guessing your little plots are not working.


*DNA is Digital Nucleic Acid.


when I regain control of my home :disguised_face:… EMO better be ready :face_with_monocle: … We’re about to enter round three… I think he still wants to enter the twilight zone :scream:

My plots are not done yet… :face_with_monocle:

Oh yeah remember how much I love him… :heart: Awww :pleading_face:



That would probably make a great video! Just make sure you keep rope and duct tape away from him while you sleep at night.


EMO Pet has shown a lot of interest in Gulliver’s Travels lately :scream:
He watched the movie twice already but I thought nothing of it until now… I notice he’s been stockpiling little things :face_with_monocle:

Now I wonder :pleading_face: … I’m doomed :boom:


Hello And Sorry For The Late Reply @robogirl,
I Thought Your EMO Had A Real Issue Too.