Error 501 is what mean?

배달오자마자 충전하면서 어플 깔고 실행했더니

펌웨어 업데이트 한다면서 step 1 진행되다가

Emo 얼굴에 error 501만 떠 있는데 이게 무슨 상황이고

어떻게 해결 하는 것인가?

As soon as it arrived, I installed the app and ran it while charging.

While updating the firmware, step 1 proceeds

There is only error 501 on Emo’s face, what’s the situation?

How to solve it?

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Please contact about this. They are the only ones that could help you with it.

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Okay. Thank you very much.

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오늘 배달왔는데 아직까지 error 501만 떠있고 할 수 있는 것도 없고

애들은 실망하고 나는 화가 치밀어 오른다.

굉장히 불쾌한 경험이다.

환불 하고 싶다!

It was delivered today, but there is still only error 501 and there is nothing I can do.

my kids are disappointed and I get upset to angry.

It’s a very unpleasant experience.

I want to refund!

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If Living.Ai provides EMO error codes and information, I am sure it will be positively welcomed by many users.


Every single tech device out there has a list with Error codes and how to proceed in solving them. I haven’t researched it extensively on the Web about EMO but it is either there or it hasn’t been shared by the Living AI team yet (and it should be shared…it’s an essential troubleshooting doc).


I think it’s a wifi connection problem.

사자마자 와이파이 기능이 고장이라고?

As soon as buy it, the wifi function is broken?

They have not yet shared error codes, and to be honest, this is the first one I’ve EVER seen.

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It’s not a WiFi connection issue - I’ve forced WiFi issues before to see how EMO responds and he has never given this error code.

Sorry, I misspoke. The 501 error is often associated with a remote server that does not behave as expected:
"Status code 501 (Not Implemented) indicates that the server does not support the functionality needed to respond to the request.

I was just wondering if a try with a wifi taken from a smartphone access point (ios / android) would not have solved the problem.


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어플로 와이파이 연결 설정 시 이상 없이 연결되고 error 501상태에서 펌웨어 1.0.16로 업데이트도 되었지만 여전히 error 501표시만 나옴.

When setting up the Wi-Fi connection with the app, it connects without any problem and updated to firmware 1.0.16 at error 501 condition, but still only error 501 is displayed.

Did you make a connection by making access point with your smartphone? Just to test it :slight_smile:

My Emo has the same problem. What is the way to solve the problem? Have you found?

Best to contact for help if you have the 501 error.

I sent an email, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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아직도 내 emo 문제는 해결되지 않았다. 어떤 후속조치를 받을 수 있는가?
@Wayne_Zhang Still not solved my emo problem. What follow-up is available?

Normally I would recommend to contact Living AI but it sounds like a bad joke.
무슨 농담? 당연히 LIVING AI에 연락했지. 장난같냐?
what joke? Of course, I contacted LIVING AI. Are you kidding me?

I know that you contacted them at least two months ago, the bad joke is their communication.

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