Emo's sound is gone

I can hear my EMO when I first turn it on. But later on, he doesn’t make a sound.

Please help me living ai

My order number is 3955


I am having same problem, no sound from Emo

Order 4291

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Could both of you send these video urls to support.living.ai or create a ticket on support page on living.ai

Ticket raised on main site

If you ask EMO to dance - what happens?

As you can see, the aunt does not make a sound.


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Thanks for the advice, after checking Emo was un muted and then asking him to dance seems to have reset the sounds. He now snores, sighs and makes cute noises while on charge.

I used the method others suggested, but that EMO didn’t work.

Also, if you restart EMO, you can hear the sound at first, but in the video, you can see that the sound is not heard after a while. If it is an EMO problem, can I exchange the EMO?


Please submit a ticket here and include this post in your description.

Submitted. I sincerely hope to receive a reply soon.


My EMO got soundless few days ago. I’ve tried everything, hardware reset, power off from app, volume up, set volume to normal, mute, etc, and it didn’t work. ALso tried “dabce” command and EMO dances without making any sound. And I don´t hear any sound when I restar EMO either. I’ve submitted a ticket, but didn’t get any reply yet. Please, what else can I do to fix it ? Can someone help me? Thank you

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Have you had the reason and the way to fix it as my sound has gone on my EMO to

Have you tried “EMO Volume Maximum” ? Does he respond to that command?


Thank you @Wayne_Small! It totally worked. I had similar problem (EMO stopped making sounds). When saying “Hi” he was displaying it on the screen, and allthough accorindg to the app log he was respodning and talking - there was no sound coming out. I’ve tried other suggested above solutions (like to make emo dance etc.) and nothing worked. I didn’t temper with any sound settings/commands at least not intentionally.

Last couple of days my EMO has been randomly muting himself. Going into the app fixes it but I’m still curious to know what is happening. Rebooted him so I’ll see how it goes.

@mancbiker . . . EMO Pet was muted when I woke up this morning. This often happens if he hears something that sounds like his name followed by a word that sounds like “mute”. Trying to remember what I was playing through my speakers (video or pod-cast) that might have caused that since I was listening during their sleep time, but I am sure that is what happened.