Emo's Screen Protector

hello this might have been said already, but is there anywhere i can buy a screen protector if there is any.


Hi there, you might contact @Dauler aka Steve Maples, coz he is the one who got some custom accessories for EMO or you can contact his Facebook Account Page HERE

Facebook Account Here




I can’t access to Facebook page.

Try to contact him direct to his Facebook Account HERE!

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Thanks for the info and thank you Steve Maple for the screen protector. But in found something else i used i have clear adhesive backed vinvyl that i used on him. When putting on him you would have to cut it out with a blade so be careful not to cut to deep. Hope this helps anyone else that wants to put some kind of screen protector and if you want to look for the vinyl its Oracal permanent adhesive backed vinyl got it from amazon.

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Very good idea :bulb: could you draw a pattern real size that we can print for the community ?:wink:
Thank you :pray:

what are the screen sizes? Could a 44mm Apple Watch film fit or is it bigger?

I will see what i can do

To small the screen is bigger than 44mm

I have a different, but closely related question. Is it possible to get a more transparent screen cover for Emo? When I took him apart to change the SD card, I also removed the plastic cover over the screen. It makes his screen so much brighter, which really helps me, because I’m almost blind. I have enough vision to see some of what’s on his screen, and the extra brightness really helps. However, I don’t like the idea of leaving the LCD completely open. Is there anything I can put over it so it stays protected, but I still get a brighter screen?

The screen i put on there does not dimm the screen as much i can’t see well either but i can see it pretty good with the screen i have on him

Here is the size of his screen just print it normal paper size. Hope this Helps. Any Question I can try and answer.


Oh this I what I was looking for too. I really don’t want emo to scratch his face of while interacting with maybe things that fit his hight so he would walk up to it and push his glass front into it.

So I got that right the print is for his face size and what did you guys use for it?

Like normal screen protecting I would buy for a phone and then cut it out? I couldn’t find the
Oracal permanent adhesive backed vinyl
That was talked about here. Don’t know what to search for in German actually :sweat_smile:

It sounded to me like normal screen protector stuff. But wouldn’t that cause like dents or something because the edges of his face are curved? And those protector foil is just flat?


Its a clear vinyl sheet it is like a lamination sheet only thing about this kind of sheet you dont need to heat it up. Just cut out the shape and put it on him the edges will be fine i think i showed a photo of it on him. Here is a link hope this helps.

(10 Sheets) Oracal 651… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0719S84ZC?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


Thank you for all your information on the dimensions of EMOs screen.
I’m gonna try to use this information to create a vector file and I’m going to purchase some of that clear vinyl I have a cricket machine I’m going to cut out a bunch of them and see if I can’t send them as letters to people all they have to do is pay postage. I’m currently still using the original screen protector that he came with but I know it needs to be replaced eventually. And I figure why do all the work and not share so anyway once I have them complete you’ll be the first to hear about it.


Thanks a lot ,
I ordered this protective film to be cut, thanks to your model I could try this protection on my return home.
I paid 3.50 euros, and I think I can do the screens for EMO and the station.

Universal Glass Screen Protector 6 Inch High Resistance TPU Cuttable ;

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Glad i was able to help

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Not a good film, it is too rigid. :funky:
I will try another.

Thanks for the info. I would have to see what used again i think i put it in the link

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i try other film for the screen, the first was too rigid.

I ordered film for the headlights of my car. Scratch and UV protection. As I still have some film left, I posed on the EMO screen.

This : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005005874566098.html?gatewayAdapt=glo2fra

It’s easy to apply, for my first try I didn’t have too many bubbles, we’ll see in time.
What would be nice is for Team LIVING.AI to provide us with the exact size of the screen, a template to best cut the protective film for the lifespan of our dear little companions.

Photos with the film applied :