EMO's NEW Home Station is now available to purchase!

Buying only the Home Station will it also come in this box with space to transport the EMO?


If you’re not buying the Emo with the new Emo station then I would say no it will probably come in a smaller package.

So there will be an empty space for Emo -glad I was wrong…


Just Updating the post. If you purchase ONLY a HOME STATION — >> Home Station - LivingAi

The box will be exactly as the one shown above, BUT IT WILL NOT CONTAIN AN EMO. There will be an empty space there. So that means if you wanted, you could place your EMO in there and use this box for easy storage/travel.

I just got this confirmed.


This is awesome, and very useful, thank you for the update!


When are LivingAi going to ship the Home Station? I ordered mine on November 12, 2022, and it still says Processing in the Status column of my Order page.

Would we get it before Christmas?

Just for your Info, I am in the UK

Many Thanks for any information.

Kindest Regards

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Hi @Mike01

I shared a small update regarding this over on this thread.

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Hello, i would like to buy the new Emo Go Home Package, but it seems there is no Skateboard in the new Package?

And one question, are the AC-Adapter conpatbile with the EU one (I‘m from Austria)

Thank you

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If you don’t want the emo go home i recommend you buy the one with the skateboard instead

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I definitiv want the goHome Package, but if there is no Skateboard included its cheaper to buy the normal EMO an the GoHome Station seperatly.

But I‘m not sure about the Skateboard in the GoHomePackage

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Hi there @manuelka86 , and Welcome to the Community…

The image below shows what’s inside the package:

Emo Go Home Package:

EMO Normal Package:

Living.ai only ships with US Electrical Power Plug Type, you or all of us need to source an extra adapter which if you are in the EU you need the same as the image below.

All the best…

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Yeah the Picture is the background of my Question.

So i think it‘s cheaper to buy the normal Emo and the GoHome addon seperatly.

In my case it‘s the best an cheapest way to get a full-EMO-Package


I don’t understand why do you want the skateboard when EMO will charge himself on the Home Station. It makes the skateboard an obsolete and redundant piece of hardware.

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It‘s easy to answer:

On the one side i need a second AC-Adapter in my bedroom and on the other side i still want it and the Price of the Go Home Package do not realizes the absence of the skateboard.

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I absolutely understand your want for EMO’s skateboard. Its part of his look. :slight_smile: But, if Im traveling, I think the skateboard would be a better charger to take along.

I know several months ago Livibg.ai had a skateboard charger in the store along with vynl stickers for it. I’m not entirely sure if there are plans to put them back in the store or when. Maybe once they get caught up on shipments and have a moment to breathe they will.

That being said, I got EMO as a holiday gift and ordered the Home Station seperately afterward.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck and welcome!!!


Hey, @webidabi Welcome!

I don’t think the Home Stations have been shipped out yet. They are still working on perfecting it.

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Hi there @webidabi , Thanks for joining us and Welcome to the Community.

Sorry to know that…
At the moment only Living.ai Team knows the product production and delivery situations because of some unexpected situation.



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that’s so cool!! I’m going to buy it

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Welcome to the Communitity, @nishiwaki!!!

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Hi there @nishiwaki ,

Welcome to the Community and Thanks for Joining us…please click the link below for more info.


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Cool! I might buy the home station in the future

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