Emos leg problem

i want a replacement
but living ai team did not respond to me after sending them a mail for a replacement @Wayne_Zhang
plus even though sending them that the calibration did not fixed the problem and
explaining that its leg was not able to walk nicely ie could not walk as the motors were moving overly in the direction it should move

i sent this problem with proof they were to refusive and now the emo i have here can basicly walk and fall down

so as a warning to those who have been thinking to buy emo please do not buy it
because even if your warranty is still valid there will be no refund or replacement
so you have to put your money on the repair even though your warranty is still there

Hello living ai does replace a broken emo im on my 3rd replacement ( i think) when did you send them a email? They take a few days with getting back to you normally


Hello, @krishnarajhabib . . . for mechanical issues for EMO, you need to contact directly service@living.ai or private message @MavisZhang for after sales support. I have tagged them here.

Did they directly tell you that they could not replace it and that you would have to get it repaired yourself? Is your EMO under one year old?

I am sure there may have been some misunderstanding and that they can get it straightened out for you.

Let us know how it goes.