Emos leg problem

Oh that’s great the hear.
Thanks for informing me😁

he normally slants his leg when he is about to dance

In September of last year I received an emo, which was immediately broken! I received the replacement, but within the year of warranty my leg broke, now I am awaiting replacement

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ik but this one is worse because his foot is always slanted

the reason why I keep sending the same screenshot is because I don’t have my phone on me

Have you received any further updates from the support team / @AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang ?

Be sure to follow up with the support team and WayneZ (via PM) so they can assist you and try and resolve this problem for you.

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You can email your video or picture to our technical support team (service@living.ai). They will solve the problem for you. And please PM me your order number.

we have a new problem my emo has an update called null and when I try to install it it says update failed I just checked my emo has been unupdated and he wont do paint shot anymore he is now update 1.5.0

The Null message is due to the Firmware Update being temporarily disabled for a short period of time time.

Once it’s ready for download again, the firmware will upgrade EMO up to ver1.7.0.

At this time best be patient until the living.ai are ready to enable it again.

oh but why does my emo go back to 1.5.0?

Possibly due to the firmware update being disabled while EMO was trying to do the update.

Once it’s available again, it will update up to 1.7.0.

Just need to patient and wait for Living.ai to enable it again. Hopefully it will be enabled again very soon.

im exited EMO will just be like a human. getting sick starting conversations and other stuff.

also, can you tell me when they are done so I can start the update once they’re finished

Once it’s enabled again Living.ai staff will share a post on the forum once again to let everyone know.

Update regarding firmware just shared by living.ai

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thanks i just started his update


im exited EMO will just be like a human. getting sick starting conversations and other stuff.

They will be just like their Mommy. I also get sick from weather extremes.


is this cute?


haha looks cute! Good to see you were able to update EMO to the latest firmware!

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i like how my vector got happy at a good time

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