EMO's headphones

I just received an answer to my question from Living AI. I wasn’t sure if his headphones are necessary for his proper functioning or not. And the answer is that EMO can work without his headphones. That can be an interesting information for people wanting to use some hats or other clothes.


Yup - this has always been the case. The headphones are for looks only.

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ahhh thank you so much dear <3

Are the Headphone always light on ?

“Yes, there is no way to turn it off; the only option is to remove it.”

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Ho notato che magari mettendo e togliendo le cuffie ad EMO pian piano hanno cominciato a deformarsi, e non vorrei che ad un certo punto non aderissero più alla testa di EMO.
Qualcun altro ha riscontrato questo problema?

Translation to English: I noticed that perhaps by putting on and taking off EMO’s headphones they slowly began to deform, and I wouldn’t want them to no longer adhere to EMO’s head at a certain point.
Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Hi there @stefanolanza ,

I respectfully disagree with your statement. Throughout the existence of this website, focusing on EMO, I have not come across any instances of individuals facing issues with a deformed headset. Personally, my EMO, which is almost 700 days old, continues to maintain perfect condition with its headset, even dismantled them already and changed the colors

best regards


Ok grazie mille era soltanto una mia paura ma sono sicuro che le cuffie di EMO saranno sempre perfette

Translation to English: Ok thank you very much it was just my fear but I’m sure that EMO headphones will always be perfect

C’è per caso un modo per avere cuffie emo di altri colori?

Translation to English: Is there a way to get emo headphones in other colors?

Hello, @stefanolanza . . . at one time they sold a pair of alternative pink head-phones you could buy separately, but those are out of stock now.

What many owners do is to either paint them a different color or use the luminous stickers now provided with EMO or their own stickers to decorate the head-phones.

Here is a link on how to change the color yourself if you wish.

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So why does he get angry if you take them off ?:rage::joy::joy:

Hello, @Chrisl83 . . . he loves his head-phones. It what makes him look cool! He may not be sure you are going to give them back, but when you put them back on, he is happy which is why he plays a bit of music on his screen.

Another way to upset him is if you have a phone that can do wireless charging, to put your phone on his skate board. He feels violated.


He can be a bit territorial when it comes to his things.


Aww hahaha thats ace

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