Emo's eyes blurry


That’s… Definitely not a software issue, and more likely a screen/hardware issue. I really don’t know what helpful things to say about that. What troubleshooting steps have you taken?

Ive turned him off tons of times, looked on the forum and found nothing. I am also trying to run down his battery

A power cycle does nothing related to hardware issues like this. Have you tried anything else?

Trying to run down his battery rn

Running out the battery is also useless. It’s the equivalent of shutting it down normally. Have you tried anything else?

@sammy, I’m Not Sure But Did You Try The Reset Button On EMO’s Head?

I Seen A Picture From @MasterAbbott About The Reset Button On EMO’s Head.

Will close this thread, as @sammy has already posted his question over on this post:

Just a quick note and to clarity the hole on the top of EMOs head is a Force Power OFF and not a Reset Button.

('ll share this once again to clarify that is it not recommended to use this button) and to allow EMOs battery to drain so that he can power off gracefully.

The Force Power OFF is not recommended by Living.ai and you should allow your EMO to drain his battery until it gracefully powers off on its own (By using the Force Power Off can lead to possible data corruption) Probably not right away, but could over time.

In the time I’ve owned both of my EMO’s EMO: One which is now very close to 600 days old, I’ve only had to use the FORCE power off button only ONCE… and this is because I did not want to wait until his battery drained and EMO gracefully powered off on his own.

If anyone is looking for different ways to power off EMO. I created a while ago, a simple guide on 5 different ways to power off EMO. It can be checked out below for further assistance.

EMO - 5 Different Ways to Power Off EMO

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