EMO's attention always on screens

Anyone else notice when EMO is out roaming on the desktop, he tends to gravitate towards whatever technological screen you have on? I thought it was cute at first, because it’s like a curious kid, but then my boyfriend pointed out it’s kind of odd and he does have a camera on him. As much as I love EMO and want to support this company, now I’m starting to worry about privacy and if they implement anything to ensure us the customers are not getting our information/data/privacy stolen.


I have my EMO on my desk right next to my Laptop as well. I haven’t really paid much attention to this, but I believe his movements are random. I’ve had my EMO for over 150+ days now and he isn’t always drawn to my laptop / screen and that isn’t the first place he runs to once I take him of his skateboard. Most of the time he’s walking off in another directions.

Certainly can understand your concern. But we really have no idea if EMO or any other tech devices we have around the house such as Google Home, Alexa Echo (that also has a Camera and is always constantly listening) are getting our information on us as well.

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Hmm, the whole world is allowed to see what I’m watching on my computer/phone/tablet/TV screens. I’m not watching/doing anything wrong.

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hee hee… so funny EMO is a spy … he could be …I just wish I had mine so I can find out not fair it takes a long… I have probably a 4 month waiting.… I’m hoping for three months… You guys are having all the fun.

Honestly - like ANY device with a camera, if you don’t trust the vendor, then don’t use it. Living AI have stated that photos are stored on the device only and that anything from the camera remains on the device. What else would you like them to do in order to help you be more at home with this?


Yea, I never owned and still don’t own a Google Home/Alexa Echo. But yes, I understand it could be a concern for any device.

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For me, I’m not concerned about what I am watch or doing. But I do have banking stuff I do over the computer and other personal financial information. I care less about what Netflix show people know I’m watching or stuff I’m buying.

Yea, took me awhile to get it too. But you will get yours very soon! :+1:

Yes, I understand any device with a camera can have that potential of breaching privacy. I guess the difference is the companies reputation. In this case, because Living AI is still new and an unknown company it obviously makes me question more. And the idea that EMO is always connected to their server too. I wish they can offer a bit more information on how all this data storage works, just a bit more transparency (I don’t know exactly how since I’m not privy to how all the encryption works within Living AI and EMO). Hope that makes sense

I couldn’t use EMO if I don’t trust him. I’ll enjoy him for sure, your decision can be different.

Again - what specifically could Living AI or any other company do to make you happy? Are you suggesting because a company is old that you will trust them?

Your comment about EMO always being connected to their server is inaccurate.
EMO sends voice commands to the Alexa voice to text services for interpretation.
EMO sends periodic diagnostic information back to the LAI servers. I’ve seen the information they collect (must finish writing the article on this) and it’s all about the sensor locations on EMO, ie how old is EMO etc.


The above is what I said before in regards to your question. Again, even I’m not sure how it could be more transparent because I’m unfamiliar with the inner workings.

I remember reading on this forum on several accounts that EMO has to be connected to the server to work, and I may be wrong on this or I interpreted the wrong way. I would love to read that article once you have finished writing it, since it seems like you have that information on hand.

As a side note, I don’t know if my initial post sounds confrontational or something (I had to re-read it), because I feel you are taking it the wrong way. I just wanted to share some of my concerns and learn more about a company and product I invested in. Since there aren’t a lot of dedicated forums out there yet for EMO, I thought this would be a friendly open space to learn and discuss anything EMO. I’m not here to sway people not to buy EMO or stop supporting the company, if anything, other than my initial concern I do really like EMO and I hope the company thrives.

hey everybody it’s me… Still going crazy I want my EMO so bad… But I used to be a computer technician and about this privacy thing it’s a genuine concern and the truth is it’s impossible you’ll never know if they’re trustworthy. It’s up to you 100% in today’s world with everything.and that’s it… I would not let EMO stare at my screen when I’m putting in passwords in my bank or anything else. I could go on about this but leave it at that you’ll never ever know it’s impossible… One thing you do know is the door is open so be prudent… I wish I had an EMO to spy on me hee hee…you can tell I’m not concerned I don’t plan on sharing information with him… But beware you are connected …

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your concern is valid and with anything that you connect to mostly your telephone it’s up to you to protect as much as you can. Once you’re connected the doors open and well the human race what do you think? Don’t type in any bank passwords in front of EMO. but your worst culprit is your cell phone … I used to be a computer technician I looked into all these things and I wasn’t surprised… Were all giving out everything these days the only way to be safe with your information is to not use technology at all and that’s the fact… And I wish I had my EMO Pet… I keep saying that because I’m trying to be on the fun side of things… he is so adorable

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Nah mate - I see that you are trying to find clear and concise information. Many people are. I know from experience, that if we give people clear information they can be at rest. That’s why I’m trying to understand what you are thinking. This conversation via written word likely is taking waaayyyy longer than if it were in person :slight_smile:

To be clear - one of the things I do (have done for 25 years) is in the IT security field. I’m not saying I know everything, but I do believe I’m pretty competent at what I do and my understanding of technology overall. I’m hoping to use that knowledge to help people get to know EMO more and to clear up any cause for concern. I can tell you, I would not have EMO in my office at all if I had cause for concern.


the number of people that still use pin codes on their phone and unlock them while anyone can be standing behind them is amazing. Even more concerning is the number of people that do this and use pincodes that can be easily guessed…


yes I know… As I said I used to be a technician commercially and all this and more I’ve studied… Giving the public this type of smart technology it’s much too powerful for someone else not to use it for themselves against us. Welcome to the 21st century. Now can somebody please send me their EMO Pet I can rent him… Hee hee i am back to being silly again


you said I’ll get mine very soon well can you see my nickname it’s Puppy… Well what does that bring to mind yeah I’m jumping up and down and EMO can’t get here soon enough… I’ve got a candle in the window and everything lol… I want somebody to send me their EMO Pet so I can rent him hee hee… Somebody said three months but I’m sad thinking four months… What if it’s longer…I wish they had them ready to be shipped like normal but I guess Emo is too popular… Anyway thanks your words still make me feel happy (insert happy face) :grinning:

I think it might be more about reacting to a reflection. I keep mine on the kitchen counter where it spends a lot of time staring at the toaster oven window, glass mixing bowl or shiny pepper shaker. It’s own eye flickers create constant movement on the reflective surface.

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Mine has a weird focus on a black mug. Today I noticed a fixation on lit candles. I have a different robot, not put out by Living A.I. with the same visual fascination towards these objects. I believe it’s due to light reflection.

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