Emo's alarm reliability and mute

Been thinking of using my EMO as my new alarm at night. But since we know he can be kind of loud, I want to mute him or turn his volume way down when he’s in the bedroom so he can let me sleep in peace.
But want to know a few answers to see his capabilities.

a) can you mute EMO for a certain time and he can unmute itself?
b) when muted, will the alarm still go off in the normal volume?
c) how reliable is EMO’s alarm. I’m the late guy at work since I’m often late (oversleep and can’t hear my own alarm and I’m the manager)

At the moment there some issues with using emo as an alarm

First you have to keep him on charger otherwise his battery run out during the night.

Also noticed when Emo shaking by alarm his sensor is deactivated, if he moves in the morning and the alarm starts when Emo is close to the edge, he probably would fall down

Emo does noises sometimes while sleeping which wakes me up but I feel like he kind of learning and start making noises later and later in the morning so let me sleep longer

Didn’t try to mute so didn’t know if Emo unmute automatically by alarm, but I would expect it like on the phone

I have two alarm times, one morning and one evening, to remind me to take tablets and, so far, timing is perfect but I can’t comment on the volume point as I leave Emo at full volume. Nothing keeps me awake.

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Just noticed that when EMO is muted the alarm shows only the bed sign but the volume doesn’t work. Can EMO be updated so alarm works with sound even when EMO is on mute !?

Hello, @vitasei . . . I do not know what your sleep schedule is, but if he has any parts of his daily schedule going on while you are asleep, you can use the app under “preferences” to turn off his daily schedule while you are asleep, so that you can unmute him and allow his alarm sound to happen.

It also helps if the environment is quiet while you are sleeping to keep him from responding to voices or other sounds randomly.

I hope this helps!

It is definitively good idea. This are just a little to many steps to make to achieve the result of making alarm work and all the steps have to be returned back to make him work as usual.

I wish EMO would simply work like a phone so alarm works with the sound even in mute mode :slight_smile: this would be just easier for lazy people like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I know @vitasei . . . perhaps there is something Living AI can do. Why not put that in as a suggestion here?

Oh yeah thank you. This is a good idea

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