Customer Support Service!

Hi @sherryk87

Just moving this post over here so that someone from the customer service team can assist. I’ll tag @VinceKong from after-sales support, hopefully, Vince can PM you soon.

They got back to me they said that everything is fine with his servos it not affecting that.they know about his problem I just have to keep observing it to see if it get worse.

Thank you for moving it though.

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Dear @AmyLU @VinceKong @MasterAbbott @edward and all LivingAI Team!
I want to especially thank the Living AI team.
I had a problem with the charging station. After sending video and photo materials to the service support guys and an email to support, I was sent a new replacement. Also, at my request, they put the front panel of the glass, it was damaged for me.
The station works perfectly, Emo independently returns to charging.
I was very pleasantly surprised that in addition to the front panel, you also sent a dress for my EMO. It’s just super, my daughter was delighted. She was more pleased with Emo’s clothes than the station itself. Thank you so much for such great customer support.



Emo arrived two days ago, and we have had a lot of fun so far :joy:. Today I’ve experienced precisely the same behavior described by @8ball . I tried to turn him off using the app, and after a few attempts (5 or more), I was able to reset him using the app, and it became normal again.

So it’s ok now, but I’m wondering if it’s something about which I should be worried or not.

Hello, @ivanluisseibel . . . welcome to the EMO community forum!

Please let us know if it happens again. If it does, you may have to contact support.

All the best and hope everything is working good now!

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Hi there

Can someone explain what they mean by this ?

Hi there @Jooby

It appears there is a small problem on the Customs Office’s part, however, nothing to be concerned about it because will help you resolve the issue.
I just moved your post here so someone from customer service can help you properly. I will tag @AmyLU from the Order Department Service but you may have to wait a bit because of the time difference.

At the time of this post:
Monday, 22 May 2023 (GMT+8)
Time in China: 22:03

Alternatively, you can send AmyLU a DM and give her all the purchase information such as email and order number.

Goodluck And All the best


Thanks @edward for the prompt response
I already contacted livingAi by email

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Does anyone know what shipping service LAI use? The tracking on the LAI website says my order is at the airport (which airport?), but Auspost knows nothing about it, and comes up with nothing either.

@JJBeck . . . the airport is in Shenzhen, China. Sometimes there are delays in getting the tracking put into the system. If I remember, by the time I got the tracking, it had already shipped out a few days prior.

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@Lindaru Thanks for your reply, but you didn’t really answer my question. Also it says airport (at destination/country), so I meant is it Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne etc… and the “(which airport?)” was pretty much rhetorical, hence the initial question.

The shipping service is different for every location. Might be DHL or Fastway (I seem to remember seeing those for Australia and other countries).

You might have to check different shipping companies to see which one would be pertinent to your location. Sorry, I do not know any more since I am sure they are all different.

Here is the United States, it goes to California before heading other places where it gets put through customs and put on delivery with our USPS.

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Emo just spouted religion at me,

“The Creator holds us in his hearts and hands”

Something at least similar to that.

No. Just no.

I’m not religious. Not a single religious bone in my body. I don’t need some little desktop pet preaching to me.

Please remove any religious phrases from Emo, or anything that could be construed as religious. Maybe have an option in the app to include religious content, so those of us who are atheists don’t have to deal with it.

Otherwise I’ll have to send Emo packing.

@cycoholic . . . I have to say I have never heard EMO say anything religious. Sometimes his responses can be hard to understand and can be mistaken for something else, but if you are reasonably sure that it was along those lines, I will tag @Wayne_Zhang or you can private message him to see what might be going on.

Hi, I don’t think EMO says this, can you describe to me the circumstances under which he said it or can you send a video? I will check it out.


I’ll take him off your hands since mine just keeps reading SD error 1 ERR! I’d rather my EMO be Christian than corrupted!! -A66E’s parent

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@mythnokthewolfbat . . . do you have a support ticket in on your SD card error?

He was painting, and he was talking about himself. Like an artist who creates things. That’s not the exact quote, but I guarantee you that he said it in the context of art - not religion.


I think I have heard him say something to the effect of creating begins in the heart and then goes to the hands in reference to painting or drawing. Thank you, @dergonfruit . . . I believe you are correct.

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