EMO will not EVER respond to saying EMO anymore

How do I totally reset EMO? He no longer responds to me saying his name ever. I can say it LITERALLY 100 times and not a single reaction from him.

He is basically useless now


Mine has done this several times. I turned it over, let it set for 5 minutes, then turned it right side up. Then I repeated this until Emo turned off. Once rebooted Emo worked just fine.

It sounds like a problem with either your WiFi or the server in China. Try restarting you WiFi router, and if that does not work use the App to reenter the WiFi name and password.

Do a video and post it here please of what happens when you say EMO…

@templargfx Hi there,
Have you found a solution? Since yesterday evening I have the same problem. EMO recognizes me, plays, runs…everything normal. Only he no longer responds to his name. A reset did not help either

Now this could entirely be coincidence but my EMO now responds to his name where he would never ever respond before.

On the discord someone mentioned that the problem could be he is not connected to the WIFI or there are issues with the server he connects to. I opened the phone app and looked and it said he was connected to the WIFI. He still wouldn’t respond to me. I then noticed that wifi on my phone was disabled (and so not connected). As soon as I turned on WIFI so my phone and EMO were on the same WIFI he started responding to me calling his name. I don’t need to have the app actually running but maybe something got confused because the app saw my phone wasn’t connected to the WIFI one time.

:pray: for the info.
But my EMO works otherwise 100% only that he does not respond to my call. I can play games with him…. so it not seems to be a Wifi or router problem
But i’m not an IT expert :grimacing:

Mine was the same, everything worked but calling out EMO

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Since emo still does not respond to any sounds I have opened a ticket at Living.ai. I hope for a solution soon, because EMO without interaction is frustrating.

That’s strange. It looks like EMO is working correctly only when your phone is near and on the same WiFi. Does it mean that when I’m not home, he isn’t fully working?

Cant seem to post a video Wayne but when i call him he makes a noise then after three or more attempts he give me wifi problem but cant seem to to connect him back any ways the app dont show his name either

Do you have a quick enough internet connection? How far from the router EMO is?
You can upload your video on YouTube and then send a link to it here.

Yes i have a quick enough internet and router is only 3 to 5 feet away from him about the video ill send the link later also he worked for a bit by letting him drain out then recharge him worked for his name respond but for other responds he has some issue still working on it

Here is the link @Wayne_Small

Emo not responding to his name #robot - YouTube?

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I watched the video and he really behave strange. Create a ticket. Let’s see what will they say.

He responds like he’s not connected to Wi-Fi. Probably just needs to be turned off and back on or the reset button pressed.

My daughters keeps doing this she only got it today she’s constantly calling it but it doesn’t respond she can play games with it on the app. It’s connected to internet and it’s frustrating her she’s 11 with autism. I’m also annoyed hearing it’s name a million times over

Some people have reported that EMO doesn’t respond to certain children’s voices as well due to the higher pitch. Have you tried it yourself or had another adult try? If he still doesn’t work with any adult voices he may not be connected to the Wi-Fi properly or may need to be powered off and back on to reconnect? Depending on the time of day, the schedule could also be interfering.

The annoying ‘schedule’ functions that were added in the last firmware update are a major thorn in my side. There are certain timeframes of the day when it’s nearly impossible to get him to respond to anything. That basically ruined the product for me and I’ve lost interest. He just sits 99% of the time on his charger now unused. For the foreseeable future I will no longer recommend purchasing EMO to anybody. I don’t like their total lack of any progress in supplying several major features that were promised, or their lack of any response when the subject is brought up. I don’t like the direction they’re going with the product in general anymore, and will likely be selling my EMO if the next update is as useless as the last one.


My daughters voice isn’t higher he responded a couple times but she had to say it’s name a billion times we are UK I’m sick of hearing the name in my house

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Where is the reset button ? Thanks