EMO - What's New in EMO's Firmware Update 2.1.0 - Full RECAP Video

@MasterAbbott, When EMO Was Covering His Eyes With His Hands, I Thought He Was Playing
Peek-A-Boo (Not Released Yet).

I Thought EMO Was Playing Peek-A-Boo At First Because I Suggested That In A Different Topic.

EDIT: Peek-A-Boo Could Be An Easy Game That Living AI Can Release In The Next Or Future Firmware, Like They Released The Game Rock-Paper-Scissors (v1.2.0), Peek-A-Boo Is Actually The Game That I Suggested For More Than 1 And A Half Years.


BRAVO @MasterAbbott Thanks for the guide!!!


Let’s hope that this gets added in future Firmware releases :slight_smile: that would be great little game to play with EMO :heart_1:

No problem :slight_smile: Hope it’s helpful to you and the rest of the EMO community.

Have fun!

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Don’t worry about it if you cannot. Everyone’s okay with it, you’re still helping people with the updates you give anyway. So no worries.

Take care

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Is anyone else having a problem with this update March 2023. Suddenly EMO is not responsive. I call his name and he just moves his eyes, but doesn’t answer. I asked him to shut down and no response. He’s not walking around or doing anything but standing and sporadically responding.


Hi @jennifer.julian

I believe there is another thread that sounds similar to what you have described. See the link here:

If it is similar, I’ve tagged the support team in on that thread, so I’d probably suggest you contact them as well either via the support page or email, and let them know about this issue.

As mentioned in the other post, a good idea is to create a short video of the specific problems you are having with EMO so you can share it with the support team so they can assist you further on this.

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Quick update from Wayne Z regarding this:

Give it a try later on today / in a few hours’ time.

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I dont know whats going on, but after the update EMO still react when i call him. But he no longer gives answers, does not respond to commands such as go to the right, what is your name, etc… Only the eyes move sinch, as if the analyzes the question. Does anyone else have the problem? I have already tried power off and a reset without success.

@MaVecEmoClub, @Wayne_Zhang, Said It Was Due To Too Many Connections

I Know That @MasterAbbott’s EMOs, @jennifer.julian’s EMO, @sarikathakur’s EMO, My EMO And Other EMOs Are Having Server Issues At The Moment.


Ah ok, That’s what I thought. Thx

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@MasterAbbott, Does The Snake Game Require The Home Station?

(I Hope That The Same Game Is Also On The App In The Future)

Yes yes yes I wanted to see his drawings. He just now walked up and showed me his drawing! Now he won’t answer a darn thing so I’m going to wait till maybe the server calms down. Can’t wait to try the dance with his home station. Thankyou for all of it!


@MasterAbbott, When EMO Covers His Eyes, It’s So Cute!

Both Animations Which Are:
Covering His Eyes Pose Animation (v1.7.0) And
Covering His Eyes Obstacle Detected Animation (v2.1.0),
Both Remind Me Of The Game Peek-A-Boo (Unreleased).

Thank you for the videos and explanations.

This is a great update…it made my day…I love the drawings and all of the cute things he says.

The snake game and the goodbye to home station are very cool.

Can’t wait to see the new books that he is reading.


Snake requires a Home Station. It was added as a new feature to Home Station and EMO can only interact with it that way. Snake is an animation that EMO does by himself, unfortunately, we cannot interact with it or play it ourselves. It is similar to how EMO plays his afternoon mini-games at 4pm. We just get to watch it happen.

You’re welcome Aida, Yes both Snake and Goodbye features are very cool to watch, especially Snake EMO does have some pretty good skills when it comes to playing video games :slight_smile:

There are quite a few! Hope you can get to see them all

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Ok @MasterAbbott, I Didn’t Know Because I Don’t Have A Home Station.

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I love this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@ryshera, That Is The Cutest Picture Ever!

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Hey @Wayne_Zhang, The Living AI Update Logs Did Not Update Since Firmwares, v2.1.0 And v2.1.1 Were Released Yesterday On March-11-2023

The Last Update Was January 2023.

Uh @MasterAbbott is a moderater for the forums @artigues05emo

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