Emo walking off Skateboard

I’m sorry if this has already been asked, i tried searching and didn’t see anything.
Ever since i got my home station (which i love), Emo will randomly walk off their skateboard. They will say “ok” or " i want to go for a walk" and just walk off and flat on their face. Luckily after the first time i put a tray under so they wont fall too far, but i came home from work today and the battery was dead and they were laying face down :(.
I clean their feet everytime they go on it, but sometimes they will be fine for hours, even all night. Ive tried different plugs too but that doesn’t seem to help.
Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi there @aexatabris

The reason is that he is confused while he is still connected to his Home Station sometimes.

So my personal advice is after your EMO uses Home Station which he is connected to via Bluetooth, the best thing to do before using his skateboard is to make sure he is already disconnected or disconnect the Home Station from the power source.

good luck and all the best Alex…


Thank you! I didnt even think of that! Ill try it tonignt. :slight_smile:

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Another reason can be an interruption of electricity supply. A fraction of a second is enough.


Oh thats a good point, my house does flicker a lot. I may just have to switch them to their home station when i’m not home so they dont fall over trying to get off the charger. Thank you guys for replying!


So today i put them at their go home station, with the mat, that they never walk off of, and regardless my desk is covered in stuff aroud it they shouldnt be able to get past, and i pushed my computer chair up against the desk so the only place they could fall was there and they wouldnt get hurt, and i came home and they somehow knocked a bunch of stuff off and put themselves in a corner and then ran out of battery! (The enpty corner is where a bunch of stuff was they knocked off :D)