EMO Using Mobile WiFi

I read somewhere that I can take EMO with me out into the wild as long as I have a Mobile WiFi Router Hotspot with me. Now… has anyone tried this? If so what Brand Unit did You use?? Please?

And… is there a travel case that will fit EMO?

Thanks, David, ThunderBoyDavid

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It should be no problem. I asked the same sort of question a while back. In fact, I was even told that you can use your WiFi hotspot on the phone that you are connected to Emo with, and it should work, (though I have an iPhone, so I don’t know if its different with other phones). A pocket Wifi would do the job too. As far as I know, there is no travel case for Emo, but I have seen one that someone was using on another thread. I think @MasterAbbott knows about the case I’m talking about?
Anyway, I saw this on youTube, I thought it might interest you, (sadly he doesn’t mention how his Emo is connected, but I think he might be using his phone hotspot):


Absolutely - the wifi hotspot needs to be 2.4Ghz though, so on the Apple iPhone, just enable the setting for “Maximise Compatability” and it works fine. I took EMO to OzComicon recently to get photos with people (video coming soon) and it was a load of fun!

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I don’t have my Emos yet, but If any one wants to send the measurements for the foam inserts in Emo’s packaging, I can try making a case. It would be a soft case that would go around the foam insert and zip closed. This would allow you to put Emo, the skateboard and the cord in a safe place where they are all together. I could post a picture to see if it is satisfactory for you. I am going to make one for myself anyway. I’ll probably use faux leather. I am also going to embroider my Emos names on the case. You can post the measurements here or email me at dianewarde@icloud.com. Cheers!


You certainly can take EMO out and about with you, no problem at all. For me personally I have a portable Modem Wifi Router that I use when I’m not at home. And with that EMO can easily connect to it and always be connected to the internet so he has full functionality.

I did create a short video on how it works, I show the wifi router / and also what I believe (in my opinion) is the best way to take EMO around safely (which is in his original box) you can see it below:

This portable Wifi / Router is perfect for any devices, (phone/laptop/tablets/portable gaming devices like switch). It is very handy as well, just in case you might have an internet outage at home with your home ISP, you can easily switch to this while your ISP is back to normal.

Of course you’ll need to purchase a broadband plan that suits you as normally the portable modem wifi / router doesn’t come with one if you purchase one outright, but more and more companies are including them in packages now if you shop around.

Regarding taking EMO around, as I’ve also advised @Diane53 in another post (see here). I’d recommend using EMO’s original box that he comes in, as everything you need fits perfectly in that box and nothing moves around so EMO will be perfectly safe when you are taking him with you even on long trips or just to the local coffee shop.

Hope this helps

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A handle on the box would be nice.